Corporate Expense Cards: How To Boost Your Purchasing Power in 2023

Corporate expense cards are the secret weapon for fast-growing businesses that need an efficient way to manage to spend. But they’re also one of the least understood tools in your finance arsenal. 

If you’re on the lookout for an expense card for your company, you’ve probably got a few questions:  

  • How can you make the most of a corporate expense card?
  • How can you use corporate expense cards to better manage spending in real time? 
  • How can corporate expense cards help you cut costs?
  • How easy is it to onboard your entire company and switch everyone over to expense cards? 

At Jeeves, we’ve worked with over 4,000 clients introducing corporate expense cards to their businesses. So, you could call us experts on the topic. And in this quick guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about expense cards, including: 

If you’re ready to integrate corporate expense cards into your business and modernise your spending management, get in touch today, and we can set up your account in a matter of minutes. 

How Jeeves’ corporate expense cards can help control your spending 

Expense cards are an upgrade from regular corporate credit and debit cards issued by traditional banks. But unlike traditional credit cards, our Jeeves expense cards aren’t designed to encourage reckless spending. In fact, our cards actually help you save money.

And whereas many card providers offer expense cards to companies, they’re usually prepaid cards or debit cards. 

Ours are different: we provide you 30 days of business credit with corporate credit cards that come with a host of benefits and features to help you easily get your expense management under control across your company – without hindering growth. These include: 

  • Unlimited physical and virtual cards available to every employee at your company 
  • Spending limits and controls for individual cards, users, and, coming soon, for departments  
  • An all-in-one dashboard to monitor and manage spending across your company in real time
  • Security tools to keep your teams safe from theft and fraud when using their cards 
  • Easy integrations with your favourite accounting software for improved bookkeeping and tax compliance, including Xero and QuickBooks
  • No user, APR, transactions, or interest fees on cards. 
  • Access to financing via Jeeves Capital and much more 

If you’re a fast-growing company spreading across the globe, Jeeves’ corporate expense cards offer the best combination of traditional credit with modern spend management. Rather than slowing you down, responsible spending management can become the driving force behind your growth. 

Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how. 

Control your expenses using a credit card with spending limits 

Our virtual and physical cards give you complete control over how every person at your company spends and expenditures. 

Jeeves is a company credit card, which actually makes it a lot easier to manage your day-to-day business expenses. Rather than relying on the balance in your bank account on any given day, constantly shifting funds to meet expenses, you can relax knowing you only have one single payment to make at the end of every billing period.

This is a game-changer when you have multiple employees with their own company cards. Instead of manually pre-funding their own card accounts every month, you can assign individual cards or users with monthly or lifetime spend limits and you just need to pay off everyone’s balance at the end of the month.

With our easy-to-use admin dashboard (more on this in a bit), you can automate your spend management. You can see every employee expense transaction as it happens anywhere in the world. You can pre-set spending limits for teams and individuals, and adjust them instantly if budgets change. 

Jeeves dashboard connects to its corporate expense cards

You can instantly issue virtual cards if someone joins your team and needs to start expensing urgently – rather than waiting around for a physical card to get delivered, thus slowing you down. 

Corporate expense cards spending limits

Expenses and spending management don’t have to be a point of friction within your company. Jeeves’ flexible expense cards make it a collaboration, built on trust and transparency between every stakeholder and department. 

And rather than encouraging reckless spending, our company credit cards actually encourage the opposite: responsible spending management by teams, individuals, and your entire company. 

Jeeves dashboard, app and corporate expense cards

Discover how to get more from your Jeeves credit card

A comprehensive dashboard to improve your global budgeting

So, let’s talk about your Jeeves dashboard. 

It’s your complete spending management solution, a central hub where you can monitor, control, and report every expense from every department and individual employee across your company, as they happen, no matter where they happen. 

From your admin dashboard, you can: 

  • Add new users to your Jeeves account, because as your company grows, you’ll need a friction-free solution that grows with you
  • Instantly issue physical and virtual cards to any and every employee. You can also cancel or freeze cards in seconds, just in case the need ever arises
  • Set spending limits and other spend controls so everyone knows exactly what they can spend each month
  • Monitor global expenses from every cardholder in real time, so you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the month (or quarter) 
  • Export expense reports and send them to every stakeholder for easier company-wide reporting
  • Integrate with your accounting software for easier bookkeeping, auditing, and tax returns. Jeeves integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and SAP
Jeeves transactions made with corporate expense cards

The Jeeves dashboard wasn’t just built to help you monitor and control daily spending. We see it as a complete budgeting tool that will save you money and drive your growth at the same time. 

By tracking every expense across your company, you can: 

  • Better understand where every cent is being spent and adjust accordingly
  • Make budgets and forecasts that actually make sense, based on real data rather than just your hopes and prayers
  • Quickly respond when someone starts spending recklessly
  • Stop wasting money on unnecessary, low-return, or needlessly expensive activities.  
  • Invest the savings in high-impact activities that drive growth
  • Prepare for tough times, becoming a more resilient, tighter, more competitive player in your industry 

As we said, Jeeves is more than just a corporate expense card. We’re the partner you’ve been looking for to finally get control of your company’s spending. 

Learn how you can use Jeeves to get your online ad spend and recurring business expenses under control. 

Use Jeeves’ mobile app and dashboard, and forget about paper receipts

Nobody likes dealing with paper receipts. 

Your team members hate having to keep them stuffed in their wallets, waiting to submit them at the end of the month. And your finance team hates having to sift through them all when it comes time to reconcile. 

With Jeeves, you can say goodbye to stacks of paper receipts. Every member of your team gets an expense card and a web and mobile app where they can capture a photo or screenshot of their receipt and upload to the platform the moment a transaction happens. 

Jeeves mobile app and corporate expense cards

Instant record keeping in real time on the go, whether you’re in HQ or halfway around the world. 

You’ll also benefit from: 

  • Saving time and money by streamlining spending reconciliations and relocating your resources to more important tasks 
  • Better budgeting by seeing how everyone is spending company funds in real-time, enabling you to respond quickly
  • Easier tax compliance when it’s time to submit your returns. And less chance you’ll be audited due to missing paperwork*
  • Happier employees who are no longer under pressure to keep track of everything for weeks on end, no longer have to worry about mixing personal and professional expenses, and no longer have to wait around for reimbursement on big expenses 
  • Great for business travel, as you can upload everything on the go via the mobile app, in any currency, and it will be translated into your primary currency.

*Did you know that in the US, the IRS requires receipts for any individual expense over $75? Most people (both business owners and their employees) have never heard of this rule. Just something to think about. Because nothing slows a business down like a call from an IRS auditor. 

Get started in days, not weeks

With Jeeves, you can also say goodbye to all the red tape. 

We work with fast-growing, fast-moving companies spread across the globe. We know there’s nothing you hate more than getting bogged down by cumbersome signup processes, admin, and bureaucracy. 

So, we scrapped it all. 

When you join Jeeves, there’s no need for a lengthy underwriting process. We only need to see if your financials are healthy. It takes 5 minutes to apply to Jeeves. You’ll get a response in under 24 hours, and your account could be up and running within a few days.

Sign-up page for Jeeves corporate expense cards

The same goes for your employees. Adding new members to your account is, basically, instant. All you need is their name and email address – then we send them an invitation link, and they’re all set. As an admin, you can edit their card account, set individual limits and controls, quickly cancel all their cards, and instantly remove them from your account (just in case).  

We’ve built efficiency and speed into everything we’ve created for your company.

So, you can stop worrying about getting slowed down by unnecessary admin, no matter how big you grow. You can focus on staying ahead of the competition, innovating your products, and staying resilient in more challenging times.  

Limited fees (Yes, Jeeves is basically free)

Our mission is to help you grow and save money at the same time. And that starts with your account fees – there aren’t any!

Jeeves is, essentially, free to use for every person at your company. Let’s break that down. 

  • No signup fee
  • Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards for free
  • Add unlimited team members for free

As one of the best no-APR business credit cards, you'll get more purchasing power on all your spending. The only fees we’ll charge are FX fees and late fees, so make sure you pay off your balance on time.

Basically, we don't charge you for using Jeeves. 

We’re built for international business

Over many years working with fast-growing global companies, we’ve learned a lot about managing business expenses and cash flow when you’re spread across the planet. 

And we’ve built Jeeves precisely to help international companies manage expenses and spending without hindering your growth and team morale. 

We help you bridge your global cash flow in a few innovative ways: 

  • Multi-currency options so you can manage company expenses and apply for credit in up to 6 currencies
  • Issue cards in different currencies based on the cardholder’s primary location or main travel destination
  • Pay back credit in a currency of your choice, based on what’s best for your company
  • Cashback on company expenses paid with your cards to help you pay your credit 

Let’s look at a real-world example. 

Say you’re based in Canada but have operations in Europe and the U.S. You can have your credit issued in USD or EUR instead of CAD, so you’re not tied to Canada’s currency for every expense. 

You can then issue virtual cards to teams and employees in their country’s currency. 

But you can still pay your monthly Jeeves credit in CAD. Or pay it back in the currency you earn the most revenue.

You can then pay your monthly Jeeves credit in your main currency, in the currency you earn the most revenue, or in three tranches – one for each currency used.  

This is exactly what Canadian mobility startup Spare does to manage global expenses from teams in 50 cities. Keep reading to see how they use Jeeves to manage their expenses.

Access everything Jeeves has to offer

Your business expense cards, spend solution, and expense management system are just the beginning of our financial services. At Jeeves, we’re dedicated to helping you grow. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, with a suite of products and services tailored to fast-growing companies. 

Some things to look forward to:  

  • Jeeves Capital. Access flexible financing directly from your dashboard, with terms based on your circumstances.
  • Jeeves Pay. Manage payroll and pay vendors from your Jeeves account to keep everything in one place.
  • Perks and benefits. Access our generous cashback, up to $100,000 in credit for popular software tools, entry for your employees to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, and much more.
Jeeves benefits and partner perks

Basically, think of Jeeves as everything a bank offers except deposits. And without all the fees, bureaucracy, and headaches. 

Added Bonus: When you sign up for Jeeves Pay, you can combine it with your expense cards. So, at the end of each billing cycle, you can use any leftover credit to pay your vendors directly, without moving funds around constantly. 

Who are Jeeves expense cards good for? 

While we think expense cards are the ideal way to manage business purchases for any company, after working with over 4,000 clients around the world, we’ve seen the best results from companies with the following attributes:

  • You have a team of over 10 people
  • You’re growing quickly, adding new team members regularly
  • You’ve raised some funding to power your growth
  • You want to cut costs responsibly and reduce your burn rate

However, even if you’re still just starting out, it’s never too early to create better systems for managing your expenses and employee spending. By introducing Jeeves expense cards to a small team, you’ll be ready for when you start to grow and need a scalable card solution that keeps up with you. 

How one of our clients manages their expenses with Jeeves

Of course, this isn’t all just theory. Over 4,000 businesses across the globe have partnered with Jeeves to manage their spending better and cut operational costs. 

Spare is a mobility startup based in Vancouver, Canada, and founded in 2015. They build operating systems for mobility businesses and organisations in the private and public sectors. As they’ve grown internationally, they kept coming up against a huge obstacle: they struggled to keep up with all the expenses reported haphazardly by team members across the globe.

As soon as Spare joined Jeeves, we immediately resolved this issue.  

They immediately issued cards to their employees and, with the help of their Jeeves dashboards, every stakeholder at Spare gets a live, 24/7, real-time overview of every expense as they happen, wherever they occur. 

The team at Spare has saved valuable time, resources, and funds lost to inefficient spending management. They can now focus on continuing to grow and positively impact people in cities around the world. 

Use Jeeves’ corporate expense cards to take control of your business spending 

Traditional business credit cards want you to spend recklessly. We want you to save responsibly with our corporate expense cards. 

By combining flexible corporate credit cards and customisable spend management, we’ll help you reign in excess spending, improve your budgeting, grow sustainably, and thrive in even the most challenging times. 

Apply to Jeeves in less than 5 minutes, and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. This time tomorrow, you could be ready to start optimising your business to scale even greater heights.