Easy Approval Business Credit Cards: Best Options for You

Is lack of credit stopping you from growing as fast as you could?

There are now several business credit cards you can apply for with near-immediate approval, offering limits of up to £150,000 and more. A handful of them have super-quick application processes, meaning you could make purchases on your new card within as little as 24 hours.

In this article, we’ll be comparing 5 easy approval business credit cards:

  1. Jeeves Business Credit Card
  2. Capital on Tap Business Credit Card
  3. Barclaycard Business Select Cashback Credit Card
  4. Capital on Tap Business Rewards Credit Card
  5. Amex British Airways Accelerating Credit Card

Need a quick decision? Apply for the Jeeves Business Credit Card today!

(Not based in the UK? Not a problem -- we offer business credit cards to the US, Canada, Germany and many other countries. Learn more and apply here!)

Best business credit cards: Your options

easy approval business credit card comparison

1. The Jeeves’ easy approval small business credit card

We designed Jeeves to be the complete card payment and expense management solution for companies that need cash to grow faster.

With over 3,000 client companies, Jeeves provides you with zero-interest credit and 1-4% cashback on your transactions. You also pay no annual fees, currency conversion fees, and ATM withdrawal fees.

Jeeves’ Pros:

  • 24-hour application turnaround
  • £0 annual fee
  • 0% interest charge
  • 3% cashback on all Facebook, Google, Amazon, and AWS spend
  • 30-day credit window
  • Integration with Xero
  • No ATM withdrawal fees
  • No cost for additional cards
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No personal credit score required
  • Online account management and expense reconciliation
  • Physical cards for employees
  • Set spending limits on employee cards
  • Up to 4% cashback on all transactions
  • Virtual cards

Built for businesses and startups that want to scale quickly

Jeeves is your partner for growth. As founders, we appreciate from personal experience the frustrations of business owners under pressure to find additional funding fast.

We understand that you don’t want to approach the bank for funding or business loans; they’ll ask for guarantees, do credit checks and make you personally responsible for repayment in full if things don’t work out.

We also understand that you don’t always want to go to investors; they’ll want even more shares in return.

Not all suppliers and lenders offer credit, and getting a substantial increase in your credit limit from those who do is tough if you don’t have 2 or more years of completed accounts.

With a Jeeves credit card, there are no personal guarantees and we won’t ask for shares.

Here are some of the benefits of signing up to Jeeves:

Fast application turnaround

We aim to give you an answer within just 24 hours when you apply for a Jeeves card online.

We’ll just need to run a quick check on the financial health of your company before we can approve your application. We usually ask for proof of external investment or up to 6 months in bank statements — you won’t need to submit several years of credit history.

If we need more information to work out the right level of funding for you, we’ll get in touch.

Immediate activation: Make purchases straight away

You’ll be able to make business expenses with your virtual Jeeves cards straight away after we approve your application.

Like physical cards, virtual cards have their own number, expiry date, and PIN. Many clients use virtual cards to make specific types of purchases – for example, they have a virtual card to book advertising on Facebook. Virtual cards are accepted just as widely as standard credit cards on B2B purchases.  

You can set up as many virtual cards on the Jeeves dashboard as you want.

Your physical card will arrive in just 3-4 working days.

jeeves physical and virtual card

Unlimited cards for your employees

You can ask us to send physical cards out for your employees and contractors when you apply.

You can set limits on each cardholder and monitor their spending online. Are your employees currently using their own cards and asking for reimbursements? If so, giving them their own credit card which you just need to pay off in one go will make things a lot easier.

set employee spending limits

Instant cash flow

Jeeves cards are credit cards. They are not prepaid cards or debit cards.

With a prepaid card, you need to load money on your card before you can purchase anything with it. With a debit card, you need the money in your business bank account.

With Jeeves, you can keep your cash in your bank and use the Jeeves card to spend and grow more quickly. Not just that, but instead of topping up 10+ prepaid cards for each employee, you just need to make one payment at the end of the month.

jeeves dashboard transactions

30 days’ interest-free payment window

Most business credit card APRs are around 25%, with some going as high as 97%. With Jeeves, you get a 30-day interest free payment window on all your transactions.

Those 30 days can make a big difference if you’re growing quickly – that’s where you’ll be able to pay for ads, order stock and generate the cash needed to settle the balance before the 30 days are up.

Up to 4% cashback

Many providers give cashback on purchases made by card. At the moment, Jeeves’ rewards rates are the most generous offering:

  • 1% on all card purchases up to £20,000 in a month
  • 2% on all card purchases on spending over £20,000 in a month
  • 3% on card purchases made at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram
  • 4% on seasonal promotions and rewards

We pay the cashback you’ve built up directly into your business bank account once a month and it can make a significant difference to a growing company.

For example, if you spend £30,000 a month advertising on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram, you’ll earn £10,800 a year back with Jeeves. You’ll lower your cost per click, cost per sale, and other important metrics.

It’s also cheaper to pay your suppliers with Jeeves than via a bank transfer. Companies spending £100,000 a month on stock will save £21,600 per annum.

You’ll also have access to over 1,300 airport lounges globally, along with $100,000 worth of partner rewards points. Learn more here: Benefits & Rewards

jeeves benefits and rewards

No Foreign Exchange fees

If you purchase stock from overseas in a different currency, you’ll save even more with Jeeves.

Many business credit card providers charge a fee of 2.99% on transactions made in different currencies.

The same company spending £100,000 a month with overseas suppliers will pay other credit card providers £35,880 in currency conversion fees. Added to the savings made from cashback, paying via Jeeves would save £57,840 a year.

If you and your staff have to travel abroad on business, you won’t pay forex fees on any overseas transactions either.

Further funding available

Wouldn’t it be useful to tap into future income to expand faster? As a Jeeves’ customer, you can apply for our business finance Growth program offering a minimum of $100,000 in funding in addition to your card’s credit limit.

Repayments increase and decrease depending on the level of your monthly turnover and we can fully fund you within just 24 hours. We won’t ask you for shares, a personal guarantee, covenants or warrants either.

We know that Jeeves might not fit everyone’s business needs, which is why it’s worth mentioning other easy approval business credit cards. Here are five other credit card companies which may be worth a look:

2. Capital on Tap Business Credit Card

Capital on Tap is a business credit card used by companies in North America and Europe, offering rates from 9.9% APR.


  • 56-day interest-free period (including non-sterling)
  • 1% cashback or in Avios points
  • 0% currency conversion
  • Cards arrive within four working days
  • Apply for additional cards for employees
  • Intuitive app included
  • Up to £150,000 in credit


  • 29.9% interest rate
  • 26.4% interest on purchases
  • 49.885% interest on ATM withdrawals
  • No virtual cards

Capital on Tap’s interest rates occupy the middle ground of the credit card market, although their cash advance fee is high. The company offers an immediate decision based on your creditworthiness, although you’ll have to wait up to four days to receive your cards.

3. Barclaycard Business Select Cashback Card

The Barclaycard’s Business Select Cashback card is the bank’s entry-level credit card product for business clients.


  • No annual fee
  •  56-day interest free period
  • 1% cashback on your purchases
  •  Minimum £10,000 T/O
  • Apply for additional cards for employees


  • 21.9% interest rate
  •  27.9% interest on cash advances
  • Maximum facility of £25,000 (subject to eligibility)
  • 3% currency conversion (subject to £3 minimum)
  • No virtual card option

Account holders have access to a wide range of benefits under the Barclays Business Rewards program, like discounts on a range of products and services based on eligible purchases.

4. Capital on Tap Business Rewards Card

Offering many of the same features as the standard Capital on Tap card, the Business Rewards card gives account holders the chance to build up Avios (formerly Air Miles) points.


  • Rates from 9.9% APR
  • 1% cashback or in Avios fees
  • No ATM charges
  • 56-day interest-free payments
  • Cards arrive within four working days
  • Integration with major accounting packages
  • Decision within 5 minutes
  • Apply for additional cards for employees
  • 0% FX fees
  • Intuitive app included


  • £99 annual fee
  • No virtual cards

Interest rates are competitive and you can build up 10,000 Avios points by spending £5,000 on your card within the first three months.

5. American Express British Airways Accelerating Card

Designed for businesses using British Airways to take their staff around the world, the American Express Accelerating card offers 30,000 Avios points if you spend £5,000 in your first three months as a welcome offer.


  • Online account application
  • Earn Avios points on card expenditure
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Mobile/online account management


  • £250 annual fee
  • 97% interest rate
  • 27.3% cash advance interest rate
  • 56-day interest free period
  • 2.99% FX charge
  • No virtual cards

Avios points are earned on every transaction with an additional 10,000 points awarded for every £20,000 spent on the card. Companies can apply for up to 99 additional cards for their employees.

Easy business credit cards to get approved for

If you need to get a credit card in a hurry, there are plenty of options available to you. We hope that you’ve found an option that’s right for your business from our selection.

At Jeeves, we’ve built our credit card around a quick decision to give you access to the credit you need as quickly as possible.


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