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Xero Integration & FAQs

Introducing the new Xero integration…

We’ve recently set up an integration with Xero with the core goal of saving you and your teams time when it comes to reconciling your accounts.

With this new integration, we are happy to announce you can now sync Jeeves transactions into Xero. Previously, you may have been used to manually downloading and uploading transactions into Xero. Now, all of your transactions within Jeeves will automatically sync at the end of each day.

Bank Feeds Sync

How to Set Up the ‘Bank Feeds’ Sync

1. Go to the “Accounting” tab and click “Connect.”

Go to the Accounting tab and click “Connect.”

2. Redirect to Xero to give access to Jeeves. This allows us to push transactions into your Xero account.

Authorise access to Jeeves from Xero.

3. Redirect back to Jeeves to finalise the integration.

4. Go to Settings and select the date you would like to automatically sync transactions from. We will start syncing transactions from this date immediately, with future transactions synced overnight. Alternatively, manually sync transactions directly from the Accounting tab.

Syncing transactions will start after this date.

Click the “Sync” button to the right of a transaction to manually sync to Xero.

5. Go to the Accounting tab to check in on the status of synced transactions.


What date should I choose to automatically sync transactions from?

Select the date from which transactions have not yet been uploaded manually in your Xero account to avoid duplicates.

How come my transactions are pushed up in USD when I am billed in my local currency?

Currently, we only support pushing up transactions in the currency of your cards platform. We are working on supporting pushing up transactions in local currency to align with our statements.

Why can I not define accounting categories and tax rates within Jeeves?

We are working on this functionality and will be updating our Xero integration in the coming weeks!