How do I manually connect my bank account?

Jeeves requires you to connect your corporate bank account in order to determine your company credit limit. You can easily connect your bank using Plaid or Flinks. In some cases, your bank account may not be supported by our open banking partners, requiring you to manually connect your bank account.

To manually connect your corporate bank account, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into your Jeeves account

Step 2: Click on user name in the top right corner and select Settings

Step 3: Click on Billing

Step 4: Click on Add a New Account

Step 5: Select Add Your Bank Account Manually

Step 6: Select your currency to match your Jeeves account currency

Step 7: Enter your bank information

Step 8: Upload a PDF of your latest bank statement

Step 9: Click Next

Step 10: Our team will review and approve your bank connection

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