Which payments are accepted and not accepted by Jeeves Pay?

Customers can use Jeeves Pay to send local and international transfers to vendors via their credit line. 

Please reference the list of permitted and restricted Jeeves Pay use cases below, which are also outlined in the terms and agreements of the program. 

Jeeves Pay can be used for the following expenses: 
  1. Inventory, equipment, and supplies
  2. Servers, rent, and utility expenses
  3. Digital marketing, consulting, and software fees
  4. Other related expenses

While Jeeves Pay will support most non-card payments for your business, there are a handful of restricted payments to be conscious of. 

Jeeves Pay cannot be used to send funds to any of the following:
  1. Yourself, employees, or employees of any other affiliated businesses
  2. Affiliated and/or related businesses (i.e. companies with shared owners, parent companies, subsidiaries)
  3. Other debt or credit providers (no consolidation of debt)

If you have any additional questions regarding accepted and prohibited use of funds, please contact your regional support team or Key Account Manager. 

Latin America (LATAM) Support: soporte@tryjeeves.com

North America (NAM) Support: nam_support@tryjeeves.com

UK + Europe (EMEA) Support: eu-support@tryjeeves.com 

Brazil (BR) Support:suportebrasil@tryjeeves.com

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