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growth capital in USD.
growth capital in CAD.
growth capital in MXN.
growth capital in COP.
growth capital in CLP.
And many more coming live soon.
No dilution, covenants or personal guarantees
Get funded in as little as 24 hours
Capital that scales as you scale
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Starting at $100,000
12 months with no cap.

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Grow globally,
spend locally.

Offering growth capital
in 5 currencies.

More flexible than bank debt.
Less expensive than venture capital.

Flexible repayment
Monthly payments match the natural ups and downs of your business. No daily withdrawals.
No surprises.
For all sizes
From startups to SMEs, get access to the capital you need to power your potential. 
Instant financing
Receive funds in less than 24 hours. Need more capital down the road? Just ask.
The most flexible capital ever created. No warrants. No covenants. No personal guarantees.

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“Jeeves Growth allowed me to scale my business faster than ever before. My growth rate soared by getting capital today for my contracts. Everything was fast and seamless. They set me up for long-term success.”

Alex Clapp

COO @ Moons

“Getting access to debt financing is one of the most time-consuming processes to go through. We wanted to leverage our recurrent revenue model and use the advance cash to increase our marketing spend. Jeeves wired me money for my contracts in days, no fine print, and I was able to keep scaling the business without distractions. Oh, and I gave up no dilution!”

Maya Dadoo

CEO @ Worky
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