Announcing Jeeves 2.1

Now more global

Available today for Your Jeeves account
Jeeves release v2.1

An important milestone

"We are pleased to announce the release of Jeeves 2.1, a significant update to our global finance platform. This release marks an important step in our commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions to businesses in Latin America and beyond."

Kash Baghaei, Chief Product Officer
What's new?

Say olá to better payments

Jeeves Pay in Brazil. You can now send payments to both your local and international suppliers in over 8 available currencies to over 30 countries.

Three platform languages. In addition to English, you can now configure your Jeeves account to Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We've also enhanced your local support, ensuring your team can access Jeeves around the world.

Payments to China. You can now securely and quickly send payments to your suppliers in China. Payments can be made in CNY, in addition to the dozens of other countries and currencies already available.

"After using Jeeves for years, we love that we can now automate and delegate our accounts payable knowing payments will arrive on time to our vendors around the world."
Alejandra Gonzalez Quintanar, Treasury Director
Payment approvals. You can now set up customizable approvals for your Jeeves Pay payments. This way, your accounts payable team has even more control over all of your invoice payments.

Card receipt policies. You can now set up custom receipt policies and automate reminders for all of your Jeeves cardholders. This way, everyone knows exactly when they need to add a receipt.

Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can now add your Canadian or US-issued Jeeves cards to your Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, offering you and your team a secure and seamless payment experience.

Enhanced accounting integrations. You can now sync all of your card purchases, payments, and incoming deposits with your Xero and QuickBooks Online accounts.

Mobile app identity verification. Your Jeeves mobile app can now serve as your primary identity verification method when logging into and using your Jeeves account.

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