Accounts Payable Software: How to Automate with Jeeves

If your high-growth company is entering new international markets, you may experience business payment obstacles like these:

  • As your company expands into new countries, your current accounts payable software isn’t designed to support multi-currency business payments.
  • Currency fluctuations and conversion fees are pushing your payment costs to higher levels, throwing your budget off track. 
  • Using several payment tools and manual tasks makes it time consuming for your finance team to gather accurate data, creating significant delays in end-of-month reports.

As founders of an international company that operates in more than one currency, we know the challenges you’re facing. We created Jeeves, so you can bypass these issues and streamline your multi-geo growth.

In this article, we’ll dig into the details about how Jeeves can remove these challenges from your path:

Need a more cost effective way to manage your multi-currency needs? Sign up for Jeeves in 5 minutes and get more a more flexible end-to-end accounts payable software for your global business.

How Jeeves accounts payable automation software streamlines your multi-currency business

Jeeves is an all-in-one payment solution for companies expanding into multiple countries. It’s the end-to-end global payments platform we dreamed of finding as founders of a multi-geo business. You can run your business in multiple countries with one Jeeves account and bypass cross-border hassles while improving your cash flow.

With Jeeves, you can merge your company-wide purchases into one convenient accounts payable (AP) platform that includes:

  • One centralised account for your worldwide spending
  • Streamlined accounts payable solution
  • Rapid B2B payments available in 25+ countries and 140+ currencies
  • Multi-currency corporate expense cards 
  • Unlimited physical and virtual cards delivered anywhere in the world
  • Free expense and spend management tool compatible with multiple currencies
  • Over $100,000 in partner discounts and perks
  • Free access to 1300+ airport lounges around the globe
  • Integration with your accounting systems
Jeeves accounts payable software

Here’s how you can resolve your biggest challenges as a multi-national company with Jeeves’ AP automation solution:

Consolidate your AP automation in one centralised account

If you’ve collected a handful of different software programs for your accounts payable process, you may not have a clear picture of your financial health. It’s hard to know about and react quickly to business fluctuations when your data capture spreads across so many tools.

One Jeeves account includes several AP functionalities. You can make domestic or international payments and manage your worldwide spend data, all at the same time. Instead of checking a long list of expense management accounts and payment tools, you can make, track, manage, and reconcile your company-wide payments with one cloud-based AP process:

  • View your worldwide payment data in real time so you’re always on top of your budget with a unified corporate-expense-card, B2B-payment and spend-management system
  • Track employee spending and company purchases as they happen
  • View your company-wide expenses based on date ranges, cardholder name, card number, statement, card type, and with or without an attached receipt
  • Sync your spend data with your accounting programmes
  • See your corporate card use and high-speed B2B transfers all in one place
  • Streamline your invoice processing in the same tool
  • Review your self-funded wallet accounts

Get the currency choices you want 

When currency fluctuation and currency conversion costs become a budget issue, you don’t want extra payment tools adding more manual tasks to your finance team’s busy schedule. 

Jeeves Pay works in 25+ countries. With it, you can send B2B payments in over 140 different currencies all from one platform, with integrated spend and expense management software. You can manage your multi-geo company spend with one login and a variety of currency functionalities:

Send high-speed payments with one AP automation software solution

AP invoice processing solutions can take 3, 5, or even 7+ days to settle payments, so you’re never sure exactly when they’ll arrive. As your worldwide business transactions increase, timing your supplier and vendor payments is a challenge. Delays can often result in late payment fees. 

Jeeves Pay can send your B2B invoice payments fast – processing times usually occur in as little as 24 hours and as most as 3 to 5 business days, depending on the destination. Here’s what you can do inside your Jeeves account:

  • Process invoices, pay freelancers, and send payments to North America, the UK and the European Union in 24 hours to three business days
  • Send payments to all other regions in 3 to 5 business days
  • Take advantage of early payments, thanks to our quick cross border payment processing
  • Reduce onboarding times with automated, real-time know-your-partner (KYP) checks
  • Receive immediate notification automatically when payment is in transit (both you and your payee get an email confirmation)
  • Both of you get a second automatic notification as soon as the funds settle in the recipient’s account

Jeeves Pay B2B payment details in Jeeves accounts payable software

See your exact invoice processing costs with full transparency

Despite the long list of payment tools your AP department is using, it’s still tricky to see your cross-border B2B payment costs until much later. Even with a list of fees for each account, you may not figure it out on your own.

With Jeeves Pay, your B2B transfer costs are transparent. You can see how much your payment will cost before you send it, so you can make informed decisions and keep your bookkeeping up to date.

With Jeeves Pay you can:

  • See the exact cost in full before you hit send.
  • Pay invoices in 140+ currencies.
  • Get notifications to you and your payee instantly when funds move and settle.
  • Put an end to surprise fees showing up on your invoices.
transparent costs in B2B transfers in Jeeves accounts payable software

Get the transaction details you need

With high-volume transactions from different accounts, currencies and countries, your AP team may spend too much time on manual data entry and matching payments in the general ledger. Manual processes can slow down your month-end close. 

Your Jeeves payment data always includes the details you need to reconcile your accounts fast – regardless of currency or country. Our enriched invoice data passes directly into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems to speed up your accounts payable process and month-end reporting. 

With Jeeves’ accounts payable automation solution, you can:

  • Integrate with popular ERP systems and accounting software, such as NetSuite, SAP, Xero and QuickBooks. 
  • Avoid human errors by your accounts payable department, who’ll no longer waste time with paper invoices, mystery payments and repetitive manual tasks. 
  • Hold off hiring extra team members until later. 
  • Keep your month-end close on time thanks to automatic daily or weekly reconciliation with one central payments account.

payment transactions in Jeeves accounts payable software

Who is Jeeves accounts payable software good for?

Jeeves’ AP automation software is good for a variety of businesses. We’ve honed our expertise partnering with a diverse group of industries around the world, including SaaS, technology, marketing and manufacturing companies. We've helped them streamline their AP automation and reduce costs while they expand globally. Most of our clients share characteristics such as:

  • Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a need for more currency options during global expansion.
  • Venture-backed startups and scale-ups moving into new international markets.
  • Multi-geo organisations with teams and offices in multiple countries looking to centralise and simplify their global payments business processes.

Here are a few additional requirements you’ll need before applying to Jeeves:

  • Incorporated in and operating from the regions Jeeves supports (US, Canada, UK, EU, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia).
  • Your monthly revenue is at least $10,000 or £10,000.
  • Not a sole proprietor.

Apply to Jeeves today if you’re a good fit.

How Jeeves accounts payable solution helps this Latin American startup grow faster

See how the online pet-supplies marketplace LAIKA uses Jeeves for invoice management, simplifying its B2B accounts payable system:

Add flexibility to your accounts payable with Jeeves

You don’t have to choose between different accounts payable software to match your currency choices and country usage. Your multi-location business can do both with Jeeves’ unified accounts payable automation platform. 

With Jeeves as your AP software provider, your finance team can:

  • Consolidate your worldwide spend in one flexible AP system that lets you choose from 140+ currencies to pay bills, contractors and supplier invoices
  • Send payments across the world quickly and easily with an all-in-one AP process
  • See how competitive and cost-effective your domestic and cross-border transaction costs are before you send them
  • Add time-saving automation to your monthly financial admin to speed up closing your books and gain time for forecasting
  • Trim the bloat of unnecessary extra tools and accounts that slow reconciliation and reporting every month and increase your costs

Ready for an all-in-one payment solution made for multi-geo businesses? Try Jeeves: a more flexible multi-currency payment tool for high-growth companies like yours.