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New mobile app identity verification, released Q1 2024.
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Announcing Jeeves 2.0

Our new take on what the Jeeves experience should offer finance teams taking on the world. Jeeves 2.0 is what we're calling the new generation of Jeeves financial products, and it is now available for organizations headquartered in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.
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Product Launch 🚀
Product Launch 🚀
March 5, 2024
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Announcing Jeeves 2.1: Our latest product release

We are pleased to announce the release of Jeeves 2.1, a significant update to our global finance platform. This release marks an important step in our commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions to businesses in Latin America and beyond.

With Jeeves 2.1, we are expanding our products in all 35 countries where Jeeves operates. We also continued our focus on Latin America by enabling small and mid-size companies access to a more global, comprehensive and versatile finance platform. This update includes features such as the introduction of Jeeves Pay in Brazil, and the ability to facilitate payments from Latin America to China.

We believe in the power of these enhancements to streamline financial operations for our customers worldwide. Welcome to a new era of global finance with Jeeves 2.1.

Your Jeeves account, now (more) global

In a significant stride towards our mission to create the world’s first truly global finance platform for businesses, Jeeves 2.1 extends its reach to all 35 countries where Jeeves operates.

  • Three platform languages
    Now, language barriers are a thing of the past. With Jeeves 2.1, you can now switch your platform language to English, Portuguese, and Spanish, in addition to accessing dedicated support in these languages.
  • Jeeves Pay in Brazil
    After successfully launching Jeeves Pay across 34 countries, we’re excited to extend the same seamless service to our valued customers in Brazil. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of Jeeves Pay, enabling swift and secure global payments to 30+ countries in 8 different currencies.
  • Payments to China
    From Latin America to China and beyond, Jeeves 2.1 unlocks new avenues for global payments, allowing you to seamlessly transfer payments to China (CNY) and numerous other destinations.

The new Jeeves Pay has arrived

This release marks several key enhancements to Jeeves Pay, our business payments platform.

  • Payment approvals
    Take charge of your company’s finances with enhanced control features. With Approval Flows, Admins can designate specific individuals to review and approve payments before they’re executed, instilling confidence, control, and compliance at every step.
  • Invoice forwarding automation
    Simplify your workflow with automated invoice forwarding. You can forward invoices directly to to create draft payments, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Enhanced vendor experience
    Your vendor management portal has been updated with intuitive tools for vendor creation, editing, and sending of payments.

Card spend management, simplified

This release includes several key updates to your Jeeves cards.

  • Card receipt policies
    Experience seamless expense management with customizable card receipt policies, ensuring compliance and accountability across Jeeves Card transactions. Automated reminders keep your employees on track, while you benefit from comprehensive audit trails.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
    If you operate in Canada or the United States, you can now enjoy the convenience of adding your Jeeves cards to your Apple Pay & Google Pay digital wallets.
  • New Expense Manager role
    Say hello to the all new Expense Manager user role, offering you enhanced oversight over employee expenses and the flexibility to adjust card limits with ease.
  • Bulk employee and card creation
    Save time and effort by uploading your employee data and issuing cards in bulk directly through from your dashboard.

Enhanced QuickBooks and Xero integrations

  • Sync card purchases, outgoing payments, and incoming deposits
    Seamlessly sync your transactions with QuickBooks and Xero across all of your Jeeves products and streamline your accounting processes.
  • Bulk categorization and syncing
    Save time with bulk categorization and syncing features, allowing you to swiftly and accurately process and sync your transactions.

Account security, upgraded

  • Jeeves mobile app 2FA
    Protect your accounts with an added layer of security. Your Jeeves mobile app can now be your primary two-factor authentication method when logging into and using Jeeves on your desktop.

Interested in getting your hands on Jeeves 2.1? Apply for Jeeves today.

Product Launch 🚀
Product Launch 🚀
March 5, 2024
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Presentamos Jeeves 2.1: Nuestro nuevo lanzamiento de producto

Nos complace anunciarte el lanzamiento de Jeeves 2.1, una actualización importante en nuestra plataforma financiera global. Este lanzamiento marca un paso importante en nuestro compromiso de brindar soluciones financieras integrales a empresas en América Latina y más allá.

Con Jeeves 2.1, estamos ampliando nuestros productos en los 35 países donde opera Jeeves. También continuamos nuestro enfoque en América Latina al permitir que las pequeñas y medianas empresas accedan a una plataforma financiera más global, integral y versátil. Esta actualización incluye características como la introducción de Jeeves Pay en Brasil y la capacidad de facilitar transferencias desde América Latina a China.

Creemos en el poder de estas mejoras para optimizar las operaciones financieras de nuestros clientes en todo el mundo. Bienvenid@ a una nueva era de finanzas globales con Jeeves 2.1.

Tu cuenta Jeeves, ahora es (más) global

En un paso significativo hacia nuestra misión de crear la primera plataforma financiera verdaderamente global para empresas, Jeeves 2.1 extiende su alcance a los 35 países en donde operamos.

  • Soporte de idioma local. Ahora las barreras del idioma son cosa del pasado. Con Jeeves 2.1, ahora puedes cambiar el idioma de tu plataforma a inglés, portugués y español, además de acceder a soporte técnico especializado en estos idiomas.
  • Jeeves Pay ahora está disponible en Brasil. Después de nuestro exitoso lanzamiento de Jeeves Pay para clientes en 34 países, ahora, nuestros clientes brasileños pueden disfrutar de la comodidad de transferencias internacionales con Jeeves Pay, que permite pagos globales rápidos y seguros a más de 30 países en 8 monedas diferentes.
  • Pagos de Latam a China desbloqueados. Desde América Latina hasta China y más allá, Jeeves 2.1 abre nuevas vías para transferencias globales, permitiendo a nuestros clientes en Brasil, Colombia y México transferir pagos sin problemas a China (CNY) y muchos otros destinos.

Mejor control de tus transferencias globales

Este lanzamiento incluye varias mejoras clave en Jeeves Pay, nuestro producto de transferencias.

  • Aprobaciones de pago. Toma el control de las finanzas de tu empresa con funciones de control mejoradas. Con los flujos de aprobación, los administradores pueden designar personas específicas para revisar y aprobar los pagos antes de que se ejecuten, infundiendo confianza, control y cumplimiento en cada paso.
  • Reenvío de facturas automatizado. Simplifica tu flujo de trabajo con el reenvío automatizado de facturas. Los usuarios de Jeeves pueden reenviar facturas directamente a para crear borradores de pagos al instante, ahorrando tiempo y recursos valiosos para tu negocio.
  • Portal de gestión de proveedores actualizado. Hemos actualizado nuestro portal de gestión de proveedores para brindar a los administradores herramientas intuitivas para la creación de proveedores y el envío de pagos.

Gestión de gastos de tarjetas, simplificada

Si bien esta actualización se centró especialmente en mejorar tu experiencia de pagos, hubo varias actualizaciones clave para tus tarjetas Jeeves.

  • Políticas para recibos de gastos en tarjetas. You can now set up customizable receipt policies and automated receipt reminders for all Jeeves cardholders, so everyone knows exactly when they need to add a receipt and a memo. With the new Jeeves iOS and Android mobile app, receipts can easily be uploaded on-the-go.
  • Presentamos el rol de “Administrador de gastos." Di hola al nuevo rol de Administrador de gastos, que ofrece una supervisión mejorada de los gastos de los empleados y la flexibilidad para ajustar los límites de tarjetas con facilidad.
  • Creación masiva de empleados y tarjetas. Ahorra tiempo y esfuerzo cargando datos de empleados y emitiendo tarjetas de forma masiva directamente en la plataforma con las cargas CSV.

Seguridad en tu cuenta mejorada

  • Autenticación de dos pasos a través de tu app móvil Jeeves. Protege tus cuentas con una capa adicional de seguridad. Nuestra app móvil funciona como otra opción de autenticación de dos factores al iniciar sesión en Jeeves desde tu escritorio, lo que garantiza que tus datos permanezcan seguros y protegidos.

Product Launch 🚀
Product Launch 🚀
March 5, 2024
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Apresentando Jeeves 2.1: Nosso maior lançamento de produto até o momento

Estamos orgulhosos em apresentar a Jeeves 2.1, que nos aproxima da nossa missão de revolucionar a gestão financeira para empresas em todo o mundo. O primeiro de muitos lançamentos regulares, a Jeeves 2.1 marca um marco importante para a gente, sendo a primeira vez em que cartões, pagamentos e gestão de despesas estão disponíveis em todos os 35 países onde a Jeeves está disponível (Temos algumas notícias empolgantes!)

Sua conta Jeeves, agora (mais) global

  • Suporte em idioma local. Barreiras linguísticas são coisa do passado. Com a Jeeves 2.1, agora você pode alternar o idioma da plataforma para inglês, português e espanhol, além de acessar suporte dedicado nesses idiomas.
  • Jeeves Pay no Brasil. Após o lançamento bem-sucedido do Jeeves Pay para clientes em 34 países, estamos animados para continuar expandindo o envio de dinheiro para o exterior aos nossos queridos clientes no Brasil. Os clientes brasileiros podem desfrutar da conveniência do Jeeves Pay, permitindo pagamentos globais rápidos e seguros para mais de 30 países em 8 moedas diferentes, incluindo Estados Unidos, Europa e China.

Melhor controle de seus pagamentos globais

Também incluímos várias melhorias importantes no Jeeves Pay, nosso produto de pagamentos disponível no Brasil desde o final do ano passado:

  • Aprovações de pagamento. Assuma o controle das finanças da sua empresa com recursos de controle aprimorados. Com os fluxos de aprovação, os administradores podem designar indivíduos específicos para revisar e aprovar pagamentos antes de serem executados, inspirando controle e conformidade em cada etapa.
  • Automatização de faturas. Simplifique seu fluxo de trabalho com o encaminhamento automático de faturas. Os usuários do Jeeves podem encaminhar faturas diretamente para para criar pagamentos preliminares, economizando tempo ao eliminar o cadastro manual dos dados.
  • Portal de gerenciamento de fornecedores atualizado. Atualizamos nosso portal de gerenciamento de fornecedores, agora é possível editar um fornecedore já cadastrado, além de ser muito mais fácil criar novos fornecedores!

Gestão simplificada de gastos com cartão

Embora este lançamento tenha sido especialmente focado em melhorar sua experiência de pagamentos, houve várias atualizações importantes em seus cartões Jeeves.

  • Políticas de recibos de cartão. Experimente uma gestão de despesas com políticas de recibos de cartão personalizáveis, defina os valores mínimos em que é obrigatório enviar o recibo e/ou um comentário sobre a despesa. Emails automáticos lembram os funcionários de enviar os documentos faltantes, enquanto os administradores se beneficiam de maior controle e organização.
  • Apresentando o papel de "Gerente de Despesas." Diga olá ao papel de Gerente de Despesas, oferecendo supervisão aprimorada sobre as despesas dos funcionários e a flexibilidade para ajustar os limites do cartão com facilidade.
  • Criação em massa de usuários e cartões. Economize tempo e esforço enviando dados de funcionários e emitindo cartões em massa diretamente através do painel via uploads CSV.

Segurança da conta atualizada

  • Autenticação de dois fatores via seu aplicativo móvel Jeeves. Proteja suas contas com uma camada adicional de segurança. Agora nosso aplicativo móvel opera como a opção de autenticação de dois fatores ao fazer login na Jeeves a partir do seu desktop, garantindo que seus dados permaneçam seguros e protegidos. Em breve, os e-mails serão removidos como forma de autenticação. Nos enviaremos um e-mail antes para avisar.
February 27, 2024
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Jeeves Cards available on Apple Pay & Google Pay 🇨🇦🇺🇸

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of digital wallets for all of our Jeeves Canada and US clients. Users can add their Jeeves card to their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet for a faster and more secure way to pay.

With Jeeves Cards on mobile wallets, you unlock:

  • On-the-go convenience: Save on wallet space by keeping your Jeeves Cards in one app. 
  • Contactless payments: Make contactless transactions in-person, in apps, and on the web. 
  • Enhanced security: Multilayered security features keep your payment information away from fraudsters. 

We’re looking forward to rolling this feature out to more regions over the coming months.

January 31, 2024
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Launch of Jeeves Pay Approvals

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of Jeeves Pay Approvals for all of our Jeeves Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Europe, Mexico, UK, and US clients. With Jeeves Pay Approvals, you and your finance team can:

  • Set approval policies: Require payments over a predefined amount to be approved before being sent.
  • Define approvers and backup approvers: Add as many approval layers as needed, with backup approvers standing by to ensure payments are sent on time.
  • Send payment approval requests: Designated approvers are automatically notified when their review and approval are needed.
Product Launch 🚀
Product Launch 🚀
December 8, 2023
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Launch of accounting integrations with QuickBooks & Xero

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of accounting integrations for all of our Jeeves Canada, Europe, UK, and US clients. With accounting integrations, you and your finance team can: 

  • Connect, disconnect & reconnect: Seamlessly connect your Jeeves account to QuickBooks or Xero in a couple of clicks.
  • Sync all transactions: Sync your Jeeves Cards, Jeeves Pay, and Jeeves Cash transactions, bank transfers, and top-ups.
  • Categorize transactions: Easily categorize multiple transactions in one go. 
October 12, 2023
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New countries and currencies added to Jeeves Pay

Today we’re excited to announce that SWIFT payments are now available for all Jeeves customers in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

All users with an Admin account can now send Jeeves Pay payments using the SWIFT payment network, making it possible to transact in new countries and currencies without leaving their Jeeves account.

Jeeves Pay & SWIFT

When you send a Jeeves Pay payment, you will now see SWIFT as an available payment method.

SWIFT, which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, is one of the most widely used international payment networks in the world, offering an efficient, secure, and global way to make payments to vendors located almost anywhere in the world.

With SWIFT added, several new Jeeves Pay capabilities become enhanced:

  • New currencies: With SWIFT, Jeeves Pay now supports payments in major global currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and also supports payments in hundreds of regional and exotic currencies in use around the world.
  • New countries: SWIFT is a worldwide network with thousands of financial institutions connected across 200+ countries and territories, expanding Jeeves Pay coverage to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Secure global payments: Payments ****sent using SWIFT are highly secure, using encryption and authentication measures to protect sensitive payment information.

How can I send a SWIFT payment?

Any user with an Admin account can send a SWIFT payment right from their Jeeves account. Simply log into your Jeeves account, click “Send Money” to initiate a payment, and select SWIFT as the payment method. You can learn more about sending Jeeves Pay payments here.