Safety Tips to Keep Your Accounts Secure

Protecting your information is our top priority. In order to maintain your account safely, we wanted to give you the following tips: 

1) Do not share your password with anyone, it is personal.

2) Do not keep your passwords with your cards and devices. 

3) Never click on links or files sent by strangers to update your password.

4) If your cell phone has been stolen or lost, change your passwords and get in touch with our support team immediately. We'r here to help you with that. The emails are: for U.S.A. and Canada and for Europe and UK.

5) If you have you been the victim of a scam or you're suspicious of being involved in one, get in touch with us. We can help you with that. The emails are: for U.S.A. and Canada and for Europe and UK.

6) Activate the two factor authentication of your mobile and your WhatsApp. Here’s a video to help you with that: 

7) Do not shop or spend using a mobile device other than your own.

8) Avoid making financial transactions using public WI-FI.

9) If anyone gets in touch on behalf of Jeeves, please get back to us using our official support channels. The emails are: for U.S.A. and Canada and for Europe and UK.

10) Jeeves will never ask for your login or password outside of your banking app. We will not ask you for your physical card back in case of fraud issues.

11) Always use trusted websites (look for the security padlock). Make sure any site you’re using is secure – you’ll be able to tell because the URL will start with https:// and feature a padlock icon next to it.

12) Always review your cart at checkout - It is good practice to review your shopping cart before checking out, this could help you avoid paying for any double-ups or unwanted items.

13) Jeeves will never ask you to download any software other than our banking app.

14) Always use different passwords for your online accounts and create passwords that use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

15) Keep an eye on your transactions and statements so you can spot any payments that you don’t recognize.

16) Jeeves will never offer to help you remotely or get you to install software or share your screen

17) Do your research and always question deals that sound too good to be true – there’s a chance it might not be what it seems.

18) Keep your devices and applications up to date. Software updates contains security fixes to protect your devices.

19) Keep all your cards information private. Please do not send card numbers, CVC's or screenshots of your cards info through chat, email or any other non-secure channel please.

Jeeves will never contact clients asking to share personal information (token, passwords, username, etc.) nor payment information before disbursement of our credit lines. Always remember to follow these tips in order to avoid having fraud or unwanted activity on your credit line.