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Introducing... Jeeves Benefits & Rewards

Since Jeeves launched in Mexico in April of 2021, our focus has been clear on bringing best-in-class corporate cards, credit, and payment solutions to global startups that have traditionally been underserved. That mission hasn’t changed, and we’re pleased to announce that we now have over 3,000 companies active on the platform and operating in 20+ countries around the world. 🚀🚀 

We’re proud of the early market traction and the value we’ve brought to our customers with our corporate cards, expense management, working capital, and growth loans. But let's keep it real: a corporate card without benefits and rewards is just another card in the wallet.

Could you imagine a corporate card that offered cash or crypto back? One that provided you and your employees unlimited visits to airport lounges and discounts on hotels & rental cars around the globe? What about discounts across other areas of your business like remote office space, insurance, software, and advertising? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Introducing… Jeeves Benefits & Rewards

Today we’re launching Jeeves Benefits & Rewards, an ecosystem of rewards and cardholder benefits tailored specifically for global startups, founders, and their employees. 

Global Benefits & Rewards for Global Teams

As a global, remote-first startup ourselves, we speak your language. That’s why we’re very excited to offer our customers a great lineup of initial benefits that can drive up to $100,000 in savings across your business regardless of where you are in the world.  

  • Slack: Get 25% off all eligible plans and make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.
  • LoungeKey: Travel in comfort with unlimited access to 1,300 airport lounges globally for all cardholders.
  • Amazon-AWS: Receive up to $5,000 in AWS activate credits when opening up an AWS account.
  • Pilot: Get your finances right with Pilot, receive 20% off Pilot Core Bookkeeping for 6 months. 
  • HubSpot: A CRM platform that's both powerful and easy to use. Receive up to 30% off year one, 15% off ongoing. 
  • Twilio: Developer platform to provide intelligent customer engagement–at scale (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp). Receive $500 in Twilio credits, education and support. 
  • Sendgrid: Deliver exceptional email marketing experiences with SendGrid. Receive $1,000 in Sendgrid  credits, education and support. 
  • Segment: Softwartware and APIs to collect, clean and activate your customer data. Receive $50,000 in Segment credits for one year 
  • Notion: Get organized and productive with the best workplace tool in the market.  Receive $1,000 off any team plan 
  • Carta: Manage your cap table, issue securities, get fundraising & compensation data, raise via SAFEs, get 409A valuations & stay compliant with Carta. Receive 20% off Carta services. 
  • Intercom: Engage with your customer better through Intercoms engagement technology and automation tools. Reach out to rewards@tryjeeves.com to learn more about this exclusive launch and ongoing discount for Jeeves customers. 
  • Firstbase.io: Need to Incorporate your business in the US? Receive 10% off incorporation package 
  • ClickUp: All of your work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more. Receive 50% off any ClickUp plan. 
  • SafetyWing: Health Insurance designed for remote teams and nomads. Receive up to 50% off team/individual plans via the Jeeves Remote Health community plan.
  • Flok: Company off-site coming up? 10% off Flok's end-to-end company retreat planning service.

Local Benefits & Rewards By Country

Global benefits are great for everyone, but we know local offers can drive the most impact on the bottom line and differentiate us from the pack. As we lay the foundation for our benefits & rewards program globally, we’re also investing in our key markets (North America, Latin America, Europe, United Kingdom, Brazil) to bring unique and exclusive localized offers that you won’t be able to access anywhere else. Some of the early partnerships we’re excited about are: 

  • Around (Mexico): Flexible working spaces for your growing team. Receive 25% discount on your first month in an Around workspace in Mexico. 
  • Truora: Online platform for fraud prevention with online background checks and identity validation. Receive $200 credit and 5% ongoing discount when paying for services with a Jeeves card. 
  • Superscript (UK): Business insurance provider, offering flexible monthly insurance designed to protect small businesses. Receive your first 2 months of coverage for free.
  • Coder House: Learn how to code with this amazing e-learning platform and get 20% discount on all classes.
  • Deuna: Give your e-commerce the most effective checkout for payments with the first month for free and an ongoing 15% discount.

Benefits & Rewards for E-Commerce

Beyond global and localized benefits for all our customers to take advantage of, we strongly believe in the future of e-commerce. We are strategically aligning many of the partnerships of today and the future to support the specific needs of global e-commerce brands and the challenges they face with financing, inventory management, customer service, logistics & shipping. Some early partnerships that we believe provide immediate value to our e-commerce customers include: 

  • Freightcom (CAN):  The complete shipping solution saving you valuable time and money. Print shipping labels with all the top Canadian couriers in just a few clicks. Jeeves members get an additional 10% off of Freight.com’s already discounted rates.
  • Tydo: Tydo connects to your data, your marketing sources, and your tools to help you understand your entire e-commerce business. Jeeves clients get a free expert consultation and white-glove onboarding.
  • Levitate Foundry: Need the right digital agency to support your e-commerce growth? Whether it is creative, media or strategy Levitate Foundry is the perfect fit. Jeeves customers receive 20% off all marketing services for their initial campaign. 

The benefits just won’t stop! We’re only scratching the surface on what offerings we’ll bring to the table and we’re working hard to deploy a portal in the coming weeks to search and redeem your eligible offers. In the meantime, click here to learn more about the Jeeves Benefits & Rewards program. 

Interested in partnering with Jeeves to tap into our unique global customer base and promote relevant services and solutions? We’re here to chat. Reach out to partnerships@tryjeeves.com