Best Expense Software for Businesses in Multiple Locations (2023)

If you’re the head of finance at a high-growth company, you may want better expense software for businesses in global expansion that can handle international employee spending. Your current tools may cause issues, such as: 

  • Too many financial providers in each local market mean you lack real-time oversight of your budget and employee spending.
  • Disparate expense tools slow down your accounting and reconciliation teams, causing unnecessary delays for your employee purchase reports weeks after each month’s end.
  • Corporate cards are a challenge to deliver to your international team – card issuers either won’t ship to your preferred locations or charge high costs to do so.
  • Figuring out the regulatory procedures in each country where you need accounts is mind-boggling and slow.
  • Your end-of-month workload is pushing you to hire additional team members to stop the recurring consequences of closing your books late.
  • The constant reminders for employee receipts and missing purchase details put pressure on your finance team’s already tight schedule.

We’ve faced the exact same struggles as founders of fast-paced global businesses. We designed Jeeves so you can avoid these growth-slowing roadblocks as you enter new international markets. 

In this article, we’ll compare the best expense software for small business and mid-market companies with multi-geo locations:

Need tighter control over your international team’s business spend? Sign up for Jeeves in 5 minutes to stop overspending with our expense software for multi-location businesses. 

Best software for tracking business expenses: A comparison chart

best expense software for businesses comparison chart


Since we’re the ones writing this article, we thought we’d start with our expense software for businesses, Jeeves. 

We designed Jeeves to be the all-in-one international payment and expense management platform you need to expand your multi-geo company without administrative hassles. Each aspect of Jeeves helps you bypass processes that increase your finance team’s workload and make staying within budget difficult.

Your Jeeves account gives you one streamlined tool to consolidate your global payments and expenses, including:

Jeeves expense software for businesses in multiple locations

Here’s how Jeeves can help rein in your multi-geo employee spending:

Stay in total control of your employees’ purchases

It’s hard to track business spend when employees turn in personal expense reports with missing details or your finance team needs to download different sets of data from scattered payment accounts. Your team may discover overspending, misuse, and redundant purchases only months later.

International companies in multiple countries like yours don’t need more payment tools. You need one tool that reduces the extra admin without exploding your costs.

With Jeeves, you can stop overspending before it happens with:

  • Single-use virtual cards to prevent additional purchases from new vendors.
  • Vendor-specific virtual cards to track and streamline recurring transactions.
  • Separate physical or virtual cards for a specific currency.
  • Individual or global cardholder spending limit settings.
  • Cardholder setup, limit increase, freeze, or cancellation in a few clicks.
  • Expense policy rules to automate purchase approvals or flag them for inspection (coming soon).
Expense software for businesses that want flexible controls

Keep your worldwide expense data in one central location

As a growing global business, your collection of local bank accounts, tools and payment providers may help reduce foreign exchange (FX) fees, but it could cost more than you realise. You might not need so many accounts to keep your overhead costs or currency conversion fees low.

One Jeeves account could help you bypass the slow-moving approval process to acquire multiple accounts in different countries. Your Jeeves account includes free expense management software, giving you immediate access to your worldwide purchase data in seconds. 

Here’s how Jeeves can give you a clear view of employee purchases and more:

  • See all expenses in real time.
  • View global transactions as they appear in your account instantly.
  • Use the dedicated team-management menu to check a specific team’s purchases.
  • Review your total and available credit spending limit at a glance.
  • Filter card transactions by statement, date range, physical or virtual card, cardholder, card number or with receipt missing or attached.
  • Sync your expense data with popular accounting software, such as NetSuite, SAP, Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Check or download statements as CXV, Excel, or PDF files.

Give your global team unlimited business credit cards free of charge

When your team’s spread out in multiple countries, it’s not always easy to get corporate expense cards in their hands without red tape and multiple fees. 

We’ve been there too. It’s why Jeeves gives you unlimited virtual and physical cards at no additional cost. You’re not limited to cards in your home currency either.

With Jeeves you can:

  • Choose to receive your credit in one of seven different currencies. 
  • Set up separate Jeeves accounts if you need credit in multiple currencies.
  • Pay your monthly credit invoice in your preferred currency.
  • Get physical cards delivered to your staff wherever they are in a few days.
  • Issue and use virtual cards immediately.

For example, let’s say you’re a Canadian company with plenty of vendors based in the US. You could choose to receive your credit in US dollars to avoid exchange fees because you’d be paying in the local currency. Then, if most of your clients pay in Canadian dollars, you could choose to pay your credit statement in CAD instead. 

Put an end to employee expense reports and missing receipts

Your finance team adds hours to their schedule every time they have to exchange emails for employee expense or reimbursement approvals. Then they often need to ask for missing purchase details from staff.

You could avoid all this extra work and let your employees relay all the necessary information with individual user profiles for each physical or virtual cardholder.

Inside Jeeves, each cardholder can:

  • Upload expense receipts from the Jeeves App, whether they’re on a laptop or mobile device.
  • Check their spending limit.
  • Add notes.

Everything syncs up with your accounting system for a streamlined expense reporting experience.

One point of contact for your global expenses and cards

Whenever you need help or more credit, you probably have a long list of account managers to contact for each credit card, payment, or banking account in each country.

With Jeeves, you’ve got one account, one credit limit and one source of data for your worldwide payments system (including employee cards and an accounts payable solution). That means you’ll have one account manager to contact when cash flow challenges pop up.

Who is Jeeves best for?

A Jeeves account including expense software works best for the following types of businesses:

  • Companies in rapid expansion mode that are looking to stay on budget, especially with an international team.
  • Global companies that need multi-currency cash flow and automated expense management processes as they enter new international markets. 
  • Mid-sized multi-geo companies in a more mature growth phase that need to better track expenses and control employee overspending.

Our application process only takes five minutes with responses in as little as 24 hours. Here are a few requirements you should know about:

  • You are incorporated in and operating from the regions we support (US, Canada, UK, EU, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia).
  • You need a minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenue.
  • You are not a sole proprietor.

Even though we’re biased, we realise Jeeves may not be right for every company’s business needs. Here are four more expense software for businesses that may be a better fit for yours:


Expensify is an American company originally developed for personal use, entrepreneurs and small business owners without a finance team to support them. This expense report software solution specialises as an automated expense tracker with integration with most accounting software.

  • 3 plans with a monthly price per user.
  • Pre-paid corporate cards (US and UK only).
  • Virtual and physical cards.
  • Cashback rewards on card purchases (1 to 2% based on total spent).
  • Set limits for cardholder spending.
  • Automated purchase fraud detection.
  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Time tracking.
  • Scan receipts and add details to your expense report.
  • Tag expenses with GL codes.
  • Bill pay, invoicing and payroll.
  • Add multiple approvers and customise your expense policy.
  • Import credit cards or use Expensify cards.
  • Integrates with well-known accounting, ERP, and travel software.
  • Save $75,000+ on partner discounts.
  • Chat, phone, email and community support. 

Available in these countries: US, UK, Australia

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a global expense management solution that can help streamline your employee expense reporting without proprietary credit cards in most countries. Their cloud-based system is compatible with their suite of accounting software and most business tools. 

  • 4 plans with monthly fees per user.
  • Free or paid premium customer support.
  • Sync your personal and business credit cards with Zoho.
  • Scan, track and store your business receipts.
  • Mileage tracking.
  • Reconcile card purchases inside Zoho.
  • Create detailed expense claims.
  • Designate single, multiple, and back-up approvers.
  • Set up rules to maintain your expense policies and budget.
  • Integrates with most major accounting systems, such as SAP, Xero, Zoho and QuickBooks.

Available in these countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (plus a non-country-specific global version).


Pleo is a Danish company specialising in expense management for businesses in most European countries. Their expense tracking software helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage expenses and reimbursement.

  • Works with European businesses only.
  • 3 monthly plans with additional cost per user.
  • Prepaid business credit cards.
  • Physical and virtual cards.
  • Cashback rewards for card purchases (0.5 to 1%, depending on plan).
  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Set limits for each cardholder.
  • Automated categorisations.
  • Capture expense receipts with easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Expense management tool works for subscriptions, invoices, and cash purchases.
  • Integrates with accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks, and Xero.
  • Track your expenses in real time.
  • Reimburse cash purchases and mileage.
  • Get help by chat, email or phone.

Available in these countries: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, and Estonia.


Brex is a US company with an expense management solution for incorporated businesses with US billing addresses. They offer a business bank account, corporate cards, and financing mainly to late-stage startups with funding.

  • No monthly fees.
  • You must have a US-based corporation and billing address.
  • Different approval requirements for startups and mid-market businesses.
  • Credit approval based on venture funding, revenue and other factors.
  • Physical and virtual corporate cards.
  • Business bank accounts.
  • Analytics dashboard in real time.
  • Earn points with card purchases.
  • Capture expense receipts and categorise purchases. 
  • Expense policy automation, including auto-approval workflows, blocking, or manual approval for purchases.
  • Set global or individual spending limits for cardholders.
  • Partner discounts over $180,000.
  • Chat and phone customer support.

Available in these countries: US corporations with American billing address (can also have subsidiaries in multiple countries). 

Keep your worldwide employee spending on budget with Jeeves

Jeeves can help you track of company spending and prevent unnecessary purchases, even with employees in multiple countries using different currencies. With your Jeeves expense software for multi-geo businesses, you can:

  • Get updated accurate employee expense data in real time, so you’ll always know when you’re nearing your budgetary limits.
  • Reach out to one account manager when cash flow challenges require more credit or financing.
  • Keep your company-wide multi-currency transactions in one account for a faster month-end close and more time for deeper analysis.

Ready to streamline your employee expense management? Get started with Jeeves' expense software for businesses in 5 minutes today. You can get a response in as little as 24 hours.

Written by: Suzanne Berthuy