Global Expense Management: Control Costs with One Tool

If you’re a growing company that needs global expense management, you may be dealing with:

  • The legal red tape of opening local bank accounts to manage operational spending in every new country you launch.
  • Spending a fortune to provide business credit cards to employees across the globe. 
  • High FX fees on international invoices and travel expenses that reduce your bottom line.
  • Difficulty in reconciling cross-border payments made with different bank and credit card accounts.
  • Lack of up-to-date data collection across all your offices worldwide.
  • The hassle of collecting global receipts easily and efficiently.

As founders of global companies, we understand how the lack of a global expense solution can hinder business growth and performance. So we created Jeeves – a complete financial stack with expense management software designed for scaling businesses. 

In this article we’re going to show you:

Growing your company? We can grow with you. Apply in 5 minutes and use Jeeves’ multi-functional global expense management to scale your business with one centralised tool. 

How Jeeves solves your global expense management issues 

When you scale, you may start to use different systems across global offices. You’ll have one for accounting, another for travel expenses, and yet another for company spending and employee expenses and reimbursement. But entering information into different systems can complicate obtaining up-to-date data, producing comprehensive financial reports and creating efficient procurement and expense policies.

Instead with Jeeves, you’ll have an all-in-one financial stack to manage your global spending and expenses. 

A Jeeves account includes and connects several functionalities, such as:

  • A line of business credit.
  • Unlimited, free physical and virtual business credit cards to use for company-wide spending.
  • Free expense and spend management software, accessible via app and desktop.
  • Cashback on all spending. 
  • Partner perks of up to $100,000 in savings value.
  • Jeeves Pay our payment solution for quick business-to-business bank and ACH transfers.

You’ll also have access to a personal account manager you can rely on to help you get the most out of your Jeeves account.

Here’s how you can streamline your business processes and use Jeeves as a one-stop expense management service for all your global business needs:

Unify multiple global expenses in one centralised account

With Jeeves you can do away with opening different bank accounts across countries, wading through the legal requirements, and trying to connect all the data.

Sign up to Jeeves is entirely digital with baked-in KYC and KYB. Once accepted, you’ll have access to open global business accounts and expense management software via a main dashboard with user-friendly functionality where you can manage your spend and business expenses across all your offices.

Jeeves will enable you to:

  • Have an overview of all your expenses
  • Create, view, and set spending limits for individual virtual and physical credit cards
  • Monitor and manage transactions 
  • Manage team spending and expenses
  • Earn and track cash rewards
  • View and download statements
Transactions in Jeeves' global expense management software
Transactions in Jeeves' global expense management software

We also make it easy to integrate accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks with a dedicated section and simple instructions so you can reconcile all your expenses. All Jeeves transactions sync daily with your accounting software, ensuring your data is always up to date. 

Xero and QuickBooks integration in Jeeves global expense management
Xero and QuickBooks integration in Jeeves global expense management

Issue multi-currency business credit cards globally in an instant

With Jeeves, you’ll no longer have to frustrate your employees and finance department with expense claims and expense reimbursements.

Instead, you can use Jeeves’ free physical and virtual business credit cards for company and employee spending. 

Create virtual credit cards with Jeeves' global expense management software
Create virtual credit cards with Jeeves' global expense management software

You can issue an unlimited number of virtual cards on the same day we approve your application. Order physical cards on day one for free – your offices and employees will receive them in three business days

With Jeeves you can also open global business accounts in the currencies of your choice. For example, if your headquarters are in the U.K. but your operations are in Canada and the U.S., we can open a Jeeves Cash account in GBP, CAD, and USD. From there, you can fund each account directly or transfer funds between accounts at competitive FX rates.

Discover how Rui Su, cofounder of MedMe Health, uses Jeeves cards for global spending in this video:

Manage company-wide spending with global expense management software 

We enable you to manage all your global spending with us wherever you scale thanks to our cloud-based spend and expense management software. 

Since Jeeves is a unified solution that connects your credit line and corporate cards in one platform, you can streamline your global expense management process from one tool.

Staff can manage their business travel expenses on the fly via the Jeeves app, while your finance teams can track expenses in real time via the Jeeves dashboard on desktop for more efficient accountability. 

Set spend limits on all cards with Jeeves global expense management tool
Set spend limits on all cards with Jeeves global expense management tool

We also make it easy for teams to stick to their budgets. You can create one-time virtual cards to avoid fraudulent use when buying SaaS or limited-time services online. You can also set individual spending limits and monthly or yearly spend intervals on each corporate expense card you issue to prevent employee expense abuse. 

Spend interval example in Jeeves global expense management
Spend interval example in Jeeves global expense management

We make expense tracking effortless for your finance team. You can see company-wide transactions in real time for a global overview. For a deeper dive,

  • Use filters to see specific company or employee business cards in a click.
  • Select date ranges to understand global spending over time.
  • See transactions with missing receipts so employees can follow up immediately.
  • Coming soon: automated workflows and approvals.   
Dashboard view in Jeeves global expense management software
Dashboard view in Jeeves global expense management software
Filter transactions by date or custom settings
Filter transactions by date or custom settings

Pay global travel expenditures and international vendors without additional fees

We keep the fees on Jeeves cards limited. There are no user fees, annual fee, transaction fees, hidden fees and no interest on your credit if you pay it off in a 30-day credit window. There's only a competitive FX fee to pay on international purchases.

This means you can pay for your cross-border expenses, global travel costs, and international vendors no matter where they’re located without the added costs that reduce your margins.

Collect global receipts and reconcile your cross-border payments easily

Employees can self-manage their expenses because they’ll have access to their card information directly through their user profile on your Jeeves’ global account. 

Staff can see their spending limit and expense transactions, add receipts, and write comments to create more efficient expense reports in just a few clicks. 

Add receipts in Jeeves global management tool in a click. 
Add receipts in Jeeves global management tool in a click

Increase your global bottom line with perks and benefits

You can add to your margins with Jeeves cashback and partner perks. 

Whether it’s your C-suite, in-house staff, remote employees, or contractors spending, all Jeeves business credit cards are eligible for cashback. You can get up to 1% cashback on all card spend.

You can also enjoy free access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide when you pay for your travels with a Jeeves business credit card. 

We also make it possible for you to receive over $100,000 in savings from participating partners offers. As a Jeeves client, you can get up to 50% off global health insurance for your staff with Saftey Wing and 10% back on your international shipments from Freightcom.

Jeeves partner perks‍
Jeeves partner perks

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Who can use Jeeves’ global expense management software

Here’s when it makes sense for you to use Jeeves for your global expense management:

  • Technology and software companies with an entirely remote-based workforce. 
  • Shipping and logistics where staff are constantly on the move globally. 
  • VC-backed and privately funded startups and scale-ups that receive financing in USD, but operate in a different currency. 

Jeeves is ideal as a spend management tool for remote or traveling employees. It’s also a great fit for companies that go to the US market to receive USD funding, but their operations and spending are in different currency. This is particularly true of startups in LatAm.

We provide these companies with the option to pay us back in the currency they prefer. For example, a Mexican company can issue cards in MXN to their employees who will spend in MXN, but the company can choose to pay us back in USD or MXN. 

Jeeves is available in the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Canada and many countries in Latin America, including Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. 

How clients use Jeeves for multi-currency functionality and instant employee expense management

One of our Canadian clients turned to Jeeves for global spending and expense management because the majority of their expenditures is in USD.

Before using Jeeves, our client used to incur high FX fees for paying USD company and employee travel expenses on their Canadian business cards. 

Instead with Jeeves, they can issue cards in USD for their U.S. spending and in CAD for their domestic spending. They can pay back their U.S. spending in USD instead of converting it back into Canadian dollars to avoid currency hedging costs. 

They have a global overview of all their spending directly in the Jeeves dashboard and their staff self-manage their business expenses and receipts, doing away with complicated and time-consuming expense reports. 

The VC-backed global mobility platform, Spare, also uses Jeeves to manage company-wide expenses made by teams located across the world. 

They issue virtual cards instantly to new team members, receive cash back to reinforce their bottom line and set spending limits in a click to stick to their budget, all while having a global overview and increased visibility through the Jeeves dashboard. 

Grow with Jeeves: A global expense management solution that grows with you

Jeeves is the answer when you’re looking for an expense infrastructure that enables you to scale globally and manage local spending budgets across different currencies and countries seamlessly. 

We provide a centralised solution for your entire global expense management while allowing you the flexibility to trade and spend the way you need across the world. 

Get started today and apply to Jeeves to optimise and manage your global business expenses with one tool.