Introducing Jeeves Pay

What is Jeeves Pay?

Jeeves Pay is a global business payments solution that revolutionizes the way businesses can now finance and send instant payments locally and across borders. In one seamless experience, Jeeves Pay users can pay invoices to vendors and suppliers in over 140 countries. 

Why did we make Jeeves Pay?

Up until this point, Jeeves customers could use their Jeeves Cards to pay for card expenses. However, we realized that in many countries, business payments are largely made by bank-to-bank payments or transfers. As a result, we realized there was a strong need for customers to send non-card payments. That’s when the idea for Jeeves Pay was born.

Benefits of Using Jeeves Pay

With Jeeves Pay, companies will be able to:

  • Pay invoices for less. Jeeves Pay allows users to cut down on cross-border payment costs with no setup fees, no recurring fees, and competitive FX rates.
  • Send a business payment to 140+ countries in as little as 24 hours. Thanks to Jeeves’ global smart payments routing infrastructure spanning North America, Latin America, and Europe, companies can use Jeeves Pay to quickly and confidently send local and international business payments in local currencies.
  • Manage cash flow and expenses from one place. Jeeves’ free, built-in expense management platform streamlines all vendor payments in one dashboard and integrates with accounting systems like Quickbooks, Xero, and more for easy reconciliation.

What makes Jeeves Pay different?

Before Jeeves Pay, global business owners and finance teams would have to use two or more payment providers to send local and international payments or transfers. On top of that, records of card transactions and bank-to-bank transfers would live in separate places. With the launch of Jeeves Pay, Jeeves customers disburse all their payments to local and international recipients in one place with full visibility of both card and payment transactions within one dashboard.

“As companies become increasingly global in their operations, enabling their growth at both the local as well as international levels becomes very important,” said Dileep Thazhmon, founder and CEO of Jeeves. “With Jeeves Pay, a company in Mexico looking to send an important payment to Indonesia can now easily access financing for that payment, and, in the same click, automatically send those funds to their provider’s bank account across the globe - all without ever leaving their Jeeves dashboard.” 

Who is eligible for Jeeves Pay?

Jeeves Pay will become available to all 4,000+ Jeeves customers as and where permitted by applicable local laws and regulations, complementing our existing corporate card product. With the addition of global payment capabilities offered through Jeeves Pay, a company using Jeeves can now manage global team spend with locally-issued corporate cards and pay providers with borderless bank transfers. 

How do I sign up?

For non-existing Jeeves customers interested in Jeeves Pay, please submit a sign-up form through Once approved, you will be provided instant access to Jeeves Pay.

For existing Jeeves customers, navigate to the Jeeves Pay tab of your dashboard.