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Why Vancouver-based Mobility SaaS Platform, Spare, Chose Jeeves

In 2015, Kristoffer founded Spare together with Josh and Alexey. As a Vancouver-based company, Spare specializes in the future of mobility by building out a mobility operating system for both public and private transportation providers around the world. Most recently, they raised an oversubscribed Series A funding round of $18 million, led by Inovia Capital.

With customers located in more than 50 cities around the world, Spare faced a tricky situation when it came to deciding on a corporate credit card to use among its network of global team members. When it came to Jeeves, there were a few things that made partnering with Jeeves a no-brainer for Spare.

Spend Instantly with Virtual Cards

Getting new team members set up with their own corporate cards without the red-tape-hassle of traditional bank cards made setup quick and painless. Virtual cards allowed team members to start spending on Day 1 while they waited for their physical cards to arrive.

Adjust Spending Limits Easily

The finance team at Spare was also able to set spending limits directly on the Jeeves platform or app. This makes keeping tabs on employee or vendor spending a breeze while still providing team members with the autonomy to spend with their own cards.

Earn More with Cashback + No Fees

As a fast-growing startup, every dollar counts — which is why Jeeves’ 1% cashback on all card spend was a no-brainer. Each month, Spare earns back 1% of their monthly spend, which is credited back into their account every month. That’s money they can put straight back into the business.

Interested in basking in the same benefits as Spare? Try Jeeves