Ramp vs Brex vs Jeeves: Which Is Best for Global Firms in 2023?

If you’re trying to decide between Ramp, Brex and Jeeves to manage spending and expenses at your company as you expand internationally, you’re probably experiencing a few headaches that are holding you back: 

  • The high costs and massive overheads that come from managing expenses and spending for a global team.
  • Figuring out which of the many spending management solutions makes sense for your specific needs (because it’s surprisingly hard to actually figure that out sometimes).
  • The current global economic climate and daily uncertainty mean you’re looking for a spend management solution that’ll help you keep a close eye on costs across your offices worldwide.
  • You’re struggling to create accurate forecasts and financial projections, because you’re collecting expense reports in different currencies and from different countries with no real organisation or system in place.   

Managing expenses and spending is incredibly complex, and the market is full of SaaS and fintech companies promising you every solution under the sun. To help you decide what’s best for your business, we’ve made a quick comparison of Brex, Ramp, and us – Jeeves – so you can see exactly how we compare.  

As you’ll see, we’ve combined international spending management, an easy-to-use company credit card solution, and much more into a simple, free subscription for businesses big and small. Join today (at no cost) to try it out for yourself. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Are you looking for a spend management solution that also doubles as a credit card and financing partner? Jeeves might be what you’re looking for! Sign up to Jeeves now for free.

Comparison Table: Jeeves vs. Ramp vs. Brex

Ramp vs Brex  vs Jeeves comparison chart

Jeeves: Your finance platform for global spend management and international payments 

Since we’re the ones writing this comparison, we might as well jump straight into what we offer. 

Jeeves is an all-in-one financial platform for established businesses expanding globally. Over 4,000 clients in 25 countries trust us to manage their expenses, provide access to credit and financing, issue company cards, and much more.

Although we’re a free spend management solution, we’re also a financing partner. You won’t just have access to a spend management dashboard and company credit cards. You’ll also have access to our generous global credit card perks, revenue-based financing and international business-to-business payments. 

Access free, unlimited credit cards to help you manage your international cash flow

Once you set up your account on Jeeves, you can start issuing physical and virtual business credit cards to every team member, no matter where they’re based

Whereas other spend management solutions offer debit cards, we offer corporate charge cards. There’s a big difference: instead of topping up your employees’ cards every time they need money, you can have them use credit instead (and you can set a credit limit to prevent expense abuse). That means that you just need to pay off the balance at the end of the month. No more constant top-ups!

ramp vs brex vs jeeves spend managment software

You can manage all your global company cards from your Jeeves dashboard. And you can set individual spending limits, freeze cards, cancel them, and much more – all with a few clicks. 

No matter how many cards you issue throughout your company, you only have to manage a single payment at the end of each month. 

Here are a few more benefits to using Jeeves’ company cards: 

  • They’re multi-currency, so you can easily track and manage expenses in USD, GBP, EUR, MXN, CAD and just about any other major currency. 
  • Everything is in one place – you can track every expense across every individual card from your Jeeves dashboard in real-time. No more surprises at the end of the month when your team members start sending in their bank slips and crumpled up receipts. 
  • Easier cash flow. We designed Jeeves as a cash-flow credit card. With our 30-day credit line, you don’t have to worry about moving money around throughout the month to cover costs. We’ll issue a single invoice at the end of the billing cycle that covers every expense. 
  • Limited fees. We don’t charge you for issuing cards, and there are no transaction or annual fees to worry about. 

Jeeves company credit cards for global businesses

Pay your international suppliers and vendors from the same tool

Jeeves Pay, our B2B business transfers, makes paying your domestic and international invoices easy because it’s part of Jeeves’ financial stack and connects to your line of credit. This way, you can pay your overseas suppliers and vendors (who normally wouldn’t accept credit card payments) with a bank transfer that taps directly into your credit line. 

Just access Jeeves Pay from your Jeeves dashboard. It only takes a few minutes for you to choose the type of entity you want to pay, select the destination country and currency and fill in the the recipient’s banking details. Once sent, your payment can arrive instantly, within 24 hours or up to 3 business days depending on the recipient’s country. 

Here are the additional benefits of using Jeeves Pay:

  • Transparent pricing. There’s only one low, monthly interest rate to use Jeeves Pay that you’ll see upfront before you agree to send the payment. We don’t charge you processing or transaction fees. And there are no hidden fees. 
  • Over 140 currencies. We making sending money overseas easier and more affordable. You’ll have the best daily market exchange rate without markups or hidden fees. 
  • Greater flexibility. You pay only for the amount of days you actually use the credit. If you send the payment in the middle of the month, then you pay half the interest. We apply this same system even if you only need the credit for a couple of days instead of a full month.  
  • Clear updates. No more chasing after payments or talking to customer service reps to know the status of your payments. You and the recipient receive an email as soon as you send your transfer to let you know that payment is on its way. You then both receive a second, final confirmation via email when funds settle in the recipient’s bank account. 
  • No limits. Your only limit is your credit balance. Transfer as much as you want based on your available Jeeves line of credit. 
  • Instant verification. Jeeves Pay is fast because we own the verification process. All compliance checks are done instantaneously, which means your payments can arrive when they need to. 

Manage and control expenses from anywhere in the world

In our quest to make spending management easier and more accessible to business owners taking their companies global, we’ve built what we believe is the simplest software on the market. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and it’s available on every browser, iOS, and Android – so your whole team can use it on the go, wherever they are in the world. 

global spend management software for jeeves vs ramp vs brex

Even better, by managing all your expenses and spending in one place and loading them onto company credit cards, you’ll cut costs and reduce spending in numerous ways: 

  • Fewer fees than traditional debit and credit cards, countless invoicing and finance apps, constant bank transfers between team members, and so on. 
  • Reduced overhead costs on managing team spending across the globe. Save your finance team countless hours chasing receipts and balancing books, so they can focus their energies on more productive activities, such as analysing your financials and better allocating your resources to further improve your cash flow.
  • Fewer errors in your reporting, as you’re no longer reconciling expenses from countless sources and can track everything in real-time. 

Increased efficiency and reduced costs can lead to bigger profits, which you can reinvest in your team, your product or services, and your global growth. 

Manage your team spending worldwide from one tool

Automating expenses and spending management isn’t just great for your business. Your employees will love it, too. 

They can put every work-related expense on their employee corporate credit cards and upload notes or receipts to their Jeeves dashboard (especially handy when they download the mobile app). They save valuable time and energy filing expense reports and keeping track of everything day-to-day – and instead focus on doing their job to their best ability.

Receipt attachment in jeeves vs ramp vs brex

You’ll get 24/7 access to all your company and employee spending data in real-time. No more shocking surprises at the end of the month (or worse, the quarter). You can quickly update your balance sheets daily and resolve any issues or suspect expenses immediately. You can also categorise, tag, and filter every single expense for customised viewing. 

A few more features you’ll have: 

  • Multi-currency support to manage expenses across the globe, and issue statements and reports in a single primary currency. For example, if you’re based in the US but operate in Europe, you can still manage everything in USD rather than GBP, EUR, and countless other currencies. 
  • Manage your company cards. Instantly set limits, freeze cards, and even cancel them directly from your dashboard. Control recurring costs and subscriptions across teams, and monitor spending trends daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Integrate Jeeves with your accounting apps (including Xero and QuickBooks) for daily reconciliation, reporting, and more. This way, you can easily issue reports to every stakeholder, so everyone knows the company's financial health and can act on this crucial data.
  • Keep track of your perks and benefits, and how they’re boosting your bottom line (more on this shortly). 

Optimise your spending with Jeeves' global expense management software

As companies go global, they often find expense management tools that only operate in one currency or one country.

With Jeeves, you can spend in multiple currencies and save thanks to our software designed for global expense management. Best of all, you’re not limited to receiving credit in your home currency and can choose your preferred currency instead. For example, if you operate in EUR, but your headquarters are in the US, you can choose to receive credit in EUR instead of USD. You can then choose the currency you prefer to receive your billing statement in: either EUR or USD.

With this feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage remote employees spending by issuing them company cards in their own currency (and paying it off in the currency of your choice) so you can save in currency hedging fees.
  • Get access to credit and funding in the currency of your choice.
  • Issue virtual and physical cards in the currency of your choice.
  • Improve your forecasts and yearly planning for quicker growth and less scary surprises.

Get access to funding to help you expand globally with Jeeves Capital 

Jeeves is more than a free spending dashboard. Not only will you have access to credit, but you can also apply for revenue-based financing directly from your Jeeves account.

With Jeeves Capital, you’ll have access to capital in the currency of your choice. You can choose between:

  • Working Capital. A revolving line of credit on 30, 60, or 90 day terms.
  • Growth Capital. Revenue-based financing with 12 month terms.

The benefits of these options include:

  • Retain your equity. No need to dilute your shares by taking on outside investment. 
  • Faster timelines. It takes 5 minutes to apply, and you’ll get an answer within one week.
  • Available for global businesses. We offer financing to U.S. and non-U.S. entities. 

We have a few basic requirements for joining Jeeves Capital. You can take a look and get in touch when you’re ready to sign up. It’s free and only takes 5 minutes. 

Use Jeeves’ perks and benefits to improve your bottom line

Everyone likes free stuff, so let’s take a minute to talk about our partner perks and benefits. 

When you sign up to Jeeves, you can expect: 

  • Up to 2% cashback on every purchase made through Jeeves company cards in the first 90 days. Then 1.5% on special merchant spending (Meta, Google and Amazon) and up to 1% on all other spend.
  • Up to $100,000 in credit and discounts on popular enterprise software solutions. 
  • Free access to over 1,300 airport lounges around the world for every cardholder. 

For example, we tailor our partnership benefits to better meet your business needs. You can save 25% on Slack plans, receive up to $5,000 in AWS credits and get $1,000 off any team plan on Notion. 

Jeeves partner perks

Who is Jeeves good for?

We enjoy working with everyone, but we love helping established businesses better manage your spending and figure out the best ways to cut costs as you’re expanding globally. We’ve worked with partners all over the world, and the ones who’ve had the best results from our relationship share a few common traits: 

  • Medium-to-large companies that have passed the high-growth stage into more mature business growth
  • Medium-to-large businesses that want to leverage working capital and financing so they can take their company to the next level.
  • Global businesses with distributed teams working across the globe. 
  • Medium-to-large businesses that want to use credit cards to better manage expenses and employee spending.

Our criteria for taking on customers are:

  • Your company has been around for at least 2 years (unless you’re venture-backed). 
  • Your company is generating at least $100,000 in monthly revenue. 
  • If you’re venture-backed, you have 9+ months of runway.

If you’ve read this far and think we’re a great fit, get in touch today, and we’ll reply within 24 hours. 

If you’re not sure, keep reading to learn about Brex and Ramp, and see if they can fit your business better. 


Ramp is suitable for established businesses in the US that are still growing but have matured and need tight controls on spending. It provides corporate credit cards, spending management, billing tools, and accounting automation.   

Let’s take a quick look at its core features and offerings: 

Corporate credit cards

Ramp offers unlimited physical and virtual cards, with many of the same controls and individual settings you get from a Jeeves card. Each cardholder can also download the Ramp mobile app to manage their card on the go, and freeze or cancel it in case of emergencies, without needing to contact the company first. 

Spend management

Ramp’s spending management platform allows you to track and control expenses and spending from across your company in real-time. Ramp focuses on helping businesses save time and money, so they gear every feature on the spending management platform for greater efficiency and identifying cost-cutting opportunities. 

Bill payments

Ramp’s bill pay feature software uses AI to automate the entire process, extracting data from every kind of invoice, categorising and filtering it into a more manageable data stream. You can race through payments, clear invoices, pay bills, and consolidate everything into simple reports. 

It reduces the need for manual data entry and makes auditing and reporting a breeze. 

Accounting automation

Ramp integrates with every major accounting software to streamline your bookkeeping. Transactions are automatically categorised and updated in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about manually cross-referencing and consolidating expenses across numerous platforms. 

Ramp cashback, rewards, and more

Ramp offers a simple, fixed 1.5% cashback on all purchases made through Ramp cards. 

You also get discounts and credits on accounting software, AWS, and other partner platforms. Ramp says it offers up to $150,000 in discounts, rewards, and perks. 

Who is Ramp good for?

To join Ramp, you must have at least $75,000 in your business bank account. So it’s still suitable for smaller businesses with some cash reserves that haven’t raised funding yet. However, Ramp works with funded and venture-backed businesses, too.  


Brex is an online bank and corporate credit card provider targeting high-growth tech startups in the US. While initially Brex supported small businesses and bootstrapped startups, it has since left these markets to focus on later-stage, mostly VC-backed companies. 

One standout feature about Brex, compared with other platforms, is that it’s an FDIC-insured bank, so it can offer business checking accounts alongside corporate cards and spending management tools. 

It also offers a wide range of additional services and tools tailored to large, funded companies with complicated financial structures and requirements. But, for now, we’ll focus on how it compares to Ramp and Jeeves. 

Corporate credit cards

Brex’s company credit cards can be set up with a daily or monthly credit line, depending on how you want to manage expenses at your company, and how much control you need. 

Otherwise, they offer much the same set of features and benefits as Jeeves and Ramp: flexible spending limits and controls, integrations with Brex mobile and web apps, automated reporting, and much more. 

Spending management

Brex’s spending management platform is focused on building transparency and trust amongst your team. It reduces friction by automating every aspect of expenses, reporting, spending control, and so forth. 

From a functionality perspective, it offers many of the same advantages as Ramp and Jeeves. 

Bill payments

Brex’s bill payments software is built for large companies that need to quickly clear and consolidate large bills and invoices from numerous sources. It integrates with your email provider, accounting software, and much more – so every stakeholder involved in approving and clearing bills has a more streamlined experience. 

Brex cashback, rewards, and more

Brex doesn’t offer a simple cashback scheme. Instead, it uses a points-based system, rewarding customers for spending in different categories (travel, restaurants, software, etc.). However, there are quite a few additional requirements to access these perks. 

Brex also offers credits and rewards for software solutions and other purchases, including billboards and mental healthcare for your employees.

Who is Brex good for? 

Brex is suitable for large, VC-backed businesses based in the US that are growing quickly and need a fast, efficient spending management solution. While you only need at least $25,000 in your business bank account, there are a lot more requirements to join. 

If you’re based outside the US or you’re worried you don’t qualify for Brex, you’ll need to contact Brex directly to see what your options are. 

What’s the best spend management solution for your business? 

We hope you now know whether Jeeves, Ramp, or Brex is best for your business. We’re all excellent options for managing your spending and expenses, but we all offer slightly different solutions. 

At Jeeves, we provide global businesses with the tools you need to stay sustainable and competitive in even the most challenging environment, with a unique mix of company credit cards, financing, software, benefits, and much more. 

If you want to manage your spending better and start saving money, it only takes 5 minutes to apply for a Jeeves account, and you’ll hear from us in less than 24 hours. 


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