Spend Management for International Finance Teams: Try Jeeves

If you’re a CFO of a growing global company with a finance team that needs to manage its spend, you may be dealing with these situations:

  • You’re never sure how accurate your data is because of slow manual cross-border reconciliation.
  • Currency exchange costs increase as you scale your business and expand into new markets.
  • Different tools (from credit-card management and country-specific accounting software to traditional banking solutions) make tracking company-wide spending a time-consuming hassle.
  • Your account data is spread out in multiple cross-border locations, which creates a manual fact-checking nightmare and hampers your ability to identify and curb overspending.

We know how scaling a global company without a system designed for your unique business needs can drive up costs, slow down your finance team, and hinder growth because we’re founders of global companies, too. 

In this article, we’ll share:

Need to keep your eyes on your multi-currency spend data? Apply in 5 minutes and use Jeeves’ all-in-one spend management for finance teams to stay in control of your company’s global spend and scale at the same time. 

How Jeeves can solve your finance teams’ global spend management challenges

Jeeves is an all-in-one business spend management system designed for growing global companies. In one spend management tool, your finance teams will have access to:

Here’s how you can use Jeeves to help your finance teams control global spend with one tool, even if your business operates in multiple countries and currencies.

Keep all your international purchases in one place to decrease admin time

Instead of the weeks-long wait to set up domestic bank accounts and local corporate cards as you expand into new countries, you can keep all your spending in one place with Jeeves.

Jeeves spend management for finance teams in global companies
Jeeves spend management solution for finance teams

Your Jeeves account includes:

  • Corporate company cards that connect to free spend and expense management software
  • Issue both physical and virtual cards in the currency of your choice and send physical cards to your local teams
  • Control spending from one source – you can set and change spending limits on every card with a click directly from Jeeves
  • A line of business credit to keep your cash flow steady that you can track and manage from your connected cards and spend management software
  • Credit-backed domestic and international B2B payments through Jeeves Pay

This means you can move into new international markets without the headaches of slow-moving paperwork and keep your eyes on business expenses and cash flow at the same time.

With Jeeves, your finance team can concentrate on more important matters (like spend management analysis) and bypass the time-eating manual calculations that come with multiple bank accounts, corporate cards, and other financial vendors for each country.

Coming soon: You’ll also be able to automate spend management processes, such as spend requests and approvals! 

Check your real-time transactions to fine-tune your cross-border payments and cash flow

You can avoid pulling data from each country manually to reconcile and calculate your end-of-month balances and cash flow with an always up-to-date global spending overview in the Jeeves dashboard. 

Here’s how Jeeves does this:

  • Get real-time visibility on all transactions made with Jeeves company credit cards 
  • Receive a daily overview of expenses from your Jeeves dashboard
  • Filter data from your Dashboard or Transactions menu for a more in-depth view. You can filter purchases and expenditures by card type (virtual or physical), date range, card number, card holder, or receipts attached or unattached

Jeeves spend management for finance teams - filter options
Filter transactions by card, number or receipt on Jeeves spend management

The different filters and views enable you to drill down for more details about individual employees’ purchases, specific country spending, and global spending in certain months or quarters.

Bottom line: your global end-of-month expense reports take fewer work hours to assemble, giving your finance team more time to strategise spend management and budgets.

Receive up-to-date spend data to speed up purchase and forecasting decisions

With updated global data all in one place, you’ve always got a clear picture of your company’s finances. You can cut down the time it takes to bring each country’s data together and move forward quickly on making important purchase decisions, creating procurement policies or forecasting budgets.

Jeeves enables you to group and export your transactions into CSV, Excel, and PDF files for a quick overview and easier financial reporting. 

Up-to-date global spend data will help you:

  • Know when you’re ready to expand into new markets.
  • Maintain the momentum you’ve worked hard to build.
  • Catch fraudulent or wasteful spending as it happens.
  • Discover cash flow problems quickly and in time to prevent their consequences.

Track your global spending across multiple currencies and countries with accounting integrations

If your company is scaling into more than one country and currency, you can cut down on separate systems and admin work that create inefficiencies with a centralised system that integrates with well-known accounting software and ERPs, such as QuickBooks and Xero.

Our spend management software allows you to sync all transactions with Xero and QuickBooks, allowing you to avoid hard-to-catch manual errors that happen when each country has multiple vendors and accounts.  

Spend management with accounting integration for finance teams
Spend management with accounting integration for finance teams

The best part is our spend management software is free to use when you’re a Jeeves client, whether you’re using Jeeves Pay or Jeeves’ global corporate card.

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Lower payment costs no matter where you’re located

You won’t need to search for new credit vendors and pay more currency hedging fees as you expand into new markets. We’re already in 25 different countries and work with 8 currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, MXN, BRL, CLP and COP). 

You can manage your spend, company and employee expenses, cash flow, and financing all from one system easily. For example, you can:

  • Set global or individual limits on all virtual or physical cards. You have total control over who spends what and can make changes in minutes. 
  • Onboard and offboard workers by creating or cancelling a virtual or physical card with a click of a button.
  • Create onetime-use cards for employees, contractors, or freelancers. You can worry less about fraud and wasteful spending. 
  • Get up to 1% cash back on all card spend, which gives you extra liquidity for paying bills.
  • Save money with our corporate cards because they have no annual fees, APRs, hidden fees, or domestic transaction fees. Though FX charges apply, you can save money and time by opening specific country accounts if you’re a multi-geo company with entities in other regions. Open a USD account for your US operations and a BRL account for your Brazilian office and so on. 

Manage your cash flow from multiple countries or currencies quickly

You can avoid the complicated approval processes when looking for global business accounts as you expand into each new country. We’re already established in 25 countries and growing.

You can manage all your spend and credit from one centralised location and help your finance team monitor and manage your accounts and cash balances, no matter how many new markets you establish.

Because we specialise in global companies, you can:

  • Open global business accounts in CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR.
  • Pay vendors across 150+ countries in their local currency.
  • Onboard your multinational business across Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

Why global spend management can be challenging for new finance teams

If you’re just starting to scale internationally, here are common obstacles you may run into when expanding your business operations across borders. 

Each country has separate systems for payments and credit  

When you’re setting up multiple international offices and employees, you need separate vendors for bank accounts, corporate credit cards, and financing. Each system has its own rules and none of them work together, forcing you to calculate your end-of-month statements through manual processes. 

You may have plenty of money in one currency and not enough in another one and moving that money from one account to another only creates more foreign transaction costs for you.

Data is always out-of-date because of manual end-of-month calculations

If your business deals with multiple currencies, offices, and employees in different countries, you’re probably juggling separate systems for each that take time to reconcile and pull together. By the time you complete your monthly accounts, the numbers are already out-of-date, which makes spend and cash flow management challenging.

You’re never 100% certain about your current cash balances or if you’re still within budget. 

Your finance team spends more time on manual admin tasks 

Instead of important analysis and strategy, you and your finance team spend more time on manual processes, such as combining information from each country’s accounts. These separate systems may force your team to keep data in multiple locations and transfer it by hand, creating hard-to-catch mistakes.

You might need to hire extra team members locally just to deal with the additional admin caused by collecting the data from each country you operate in. 

Your out-of-date spend and cash-flow data slow purchase decisions 

When you don’t have all the information you need and it’s not easily updated, your decision-making process and your momentum can slow down. You may have to wait to purchase necessary equipment, raw materials, or wholesale goods, which can disappoint even your most loyal customers. 

Your business could be doing great, but unclear cash-flow data can slow down growth. 

What to look for in a spend management solution for global finance teams

You want to know you’re sticking to your budget, but you’re faced with unique challenges running a global business. This means you need solutions made for a growing international company. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a spend management tool for scaling companies

A spend management system designed for scaling global companies

You need a system that makes it easy for your finance team to see your company’s expenditures regardless of where your offices and employees are. Bonus points if that system enables you to track and manage all that data in one centralised location. 

As your company expands into new countries, you need to increase your expense tracking, reduce overspending and optimise your costs. All of this can become more challenging when you have:

  • Remote employees in different countries
  • Increasing cross-border payments
  • Difficult-to-predict currency fluctuation
  • Growing foreign transaction costs as you scale 

Instead, an all-in-one-place financial management system can give your team more control over your company’s spend, so you can get up-to-date spend data faster before you go over budget. 

Want to get all your international business spending and expense tracking under one roof with a global financial tool? Try Jeeves today.

An easy way for finance teams to monitor global employee spending

Your finance team needs a system that makes checking and controlling employee purchases easy, no matter where they’re located. Let’s say you have employees (or contract workers) in five different countries. Your finance team needs to be able to:

  • Onboard new employees and issue cards in their country’s currency quickly
  • Create and manage their spending limits
  • Check their purchases in minutes
  • View their receipts and correlated information to validate spending
  • Cancel cards when employees leave the company

You can reduce wasteful or unauthorised spending by letting your finance team prevent it before it starts – even if workers are making purchases in different currencies on opposite sides of the globe.

Time-saving employee access to corporate cards

You’ll want to eliminate expense reimbursements and reduce your team’s need to exchange emails and chase employees in far away time zones for relevant receipts or questions about purchases. You can do this if each employee has a unique account and user profile where they can:

  • Check their spending limits and transactions
  • Upload necessary receipts and related expense information
  • Add notes about purchases for your finance team

Let each employee take responsibility for entering the relevant information your team needs into your spend management system, so your finance team can get reports done faster and put more energy into budget and spend optimisation.

Flexible accounting software integration

You’ve got enough red tape and administrative regulations as you enter new international markets. You need a global spend management platform that integrates with your different ERP and accounting systems.

Look for a spend management solution that reduces your admin workload. Make sure it:

  • Integrates with your accounting software and ERPs seamlessly.
  • Syncs automatically with your accounting tool.
  • Updates regularly, so your data is always accurate. 

Spend management for finance teams: Answers to frequently asked questions 

What is spend management?

Spend management is how a company manages its B2B spending and employee expenses to optimise their cash flow. Finance teams are usually in charge of managing a company’s spend, which means allocating the right amount of the company’s budget to its different departments, suppliers and vendors. Effective spend management can reduce wasteful spending and increase margins. 

As a company grows – especially into new international markets – expense tracking can be a challenge with spend data scattered across multiple vendors, currencies, software, and accounts. 

Why is spend management important?

Spend management allows a company to boost profit margins even when income doesn’t increase. A profitable company that doesn’t optimise its spending can:

  • Overspend and become unprofitable.
  • Be forced to slow its growth because of poor cash flow.
  • Realise lower profit despite strong income.

Good spend management helps a company stay on budget and lower costs, which can be a challenge for global companies working in multiple currencies and countries. 

What are the benefits of spend management?

One of the biggest benefits of spend management is higher profit margins and lower costs, but you’ll see many others like:

  • Up-to-date financial data – even for global companies with multiple currencies.
  • A clear picture of your company’s purchases compared to its budget.
  • Fewer unauthorised purchases - and a faster reaction time when it happens.

Stay in control of your global company’s spending

We created our unique spend management system for finance teams with spend data scattered across many borders that want their company’s multi-currency spend data all in one place.

With Jeeves, you can cut out the red tape and start monitoring your companywide spending from one dashboard in less time, manage your expenses to reduce overspending, and identify cost-saving opportunities

Best of all, by using Jeeves, you can streamline your overall financial reporting no matter the number of countries you operate in or the currencies used.

Apply to Jeeves now and see how much extra time your finance teams can gain with one centralised spend management tool designed for international companies. 

Written by Suzanne Berthuy