Travel Expense Management: How To Get It Right With Jeeves

If you and your finance teams are trying to get your travel expense management under control, you may be dealing with:

  • A lack of visibility to create realistic travel budgets and keep travel expenditures under control
  • The hassle of employee expense reports, approvals, and the entire reimbursement process
  • Tracking and accounting for company-wide travel expenses
  • Estimating how much to keep in the bank or have on hand to cover travel expenses made on business debit or prepaid cards
  • Inefficient oversight on all your spending, from travel and expenses to your accounts payable. 

Jeeves can help solve these travel and expense management problems.

In this article, we’ll show you how by covering:

Take charge of your travel expense management and apply to Jeeves today.

How Jeeves works as a travel and expense management solution

As founders, we know how challenging it is to keep your travel expenses under control. This is why we designed an all-in-one financial platform for international enterprises to keep your travel, expenses and invoices together. 

We do this by connecting a spend and expense management platform with a linked corporate credit card account and an accounts-payable solution. This makes Jeeves ideal for simplifying travel and expenses (T&E) because all your data is in one place.

Jeeves spend management platform for travel expense management
Jeeves business expense and travel spend management platform

Unlike traditional corporate travel and expense management software, Jeeves provides multi-functional tools under the hood of one system. With Jeeves you can:

  • Manage and track T&E via one centralised dashboard. You and your employees can track and manage business expenses from one account. 
  • Pay international and domestic invoices from the same tool. Your finance team can manage all vendor and supplier expenses with Jeeves Pay (coming soon). 
  • Tap into a business line of credit to keep your cash flow steady and streamline your business expenses.
  • Issue employees individual physical or virtual business credit cards to monitor spending in real-time from the Jeeves Dashboard. 
  • Set up flexible spend controls through card management. You can set, raise, and lower spending limits with a click and move credit around as you see fit.
  • Group data easily. Filter by card number, cardholder, receipts, and physical or virtual cards to see and group transactions. Download data in CSV, Excel or PDF formats. 
  • Run business reporting instantly. Thanks to Jeeves’ integration with Xero, QuickBooks, NetSuite and SAP, you can have all transaction data sync automatically every day to make accounting systems and T&E processes easier, such as managing remote employee spending.
  • Streamlined team management and automated approval workflows coming soon!

You can sign up to Jeeves in less than 5 minutes and receive a response in as little as 24 hours. A minimum of USD 100k in monthly revenue is necessary to apply. 

The benefits of Jeeves for your global T&E management

Here are the benefits of using Jeeves to manage your travel and business expense.

Increase expense efficiency from one centralised T&E system

Jeeves offers accounts payable, spend and expense management, and corporate credit cards in one centralised account. This means you can reduce manual processes because Jeeves enables you to manage and automate global T&E as your employees travel across countries and your business operations expand from one country to the next. 

Whether you’re using Jeeves desktop or mobile app, you can:

  • Get real-time travel and business expense data. We make expense tracking easy because you can see all transactions made by each staff member instantly on the Jeeves dashboard.
Jeeves transactions of travel expenses
Jeeves transactions screen

  • Receive purchase receipts straight away. Avoid receiving a pile of paper receipts at the end of each month because we save all your digital receipts in the cloud forever. Employees can capture, upload and attach receipts to specific transactions with a click wherever they are from the Jeeves App. 
  • Automate all your travel expenses to streamline your accounting. Create a physical or virtual card for each staff member solely for travel purposes so you can analyse T&E granularly by employee on Jeeves. This makes tracking employee spending and managing budgets across employees, staff, departments and collaborators easier for your finance teams.
  • See expenditure reported in home currency. Transactions appear on the Jeeves dashboard in your home currency. Since your cards connect to your spend management software, you can reconcile expenses quickly and get a clear idea of how much you’re really spending on T&E abroad.
  • One-click expense reports. Filter by card or employee to see travel transactions and choose custom dates to view expenses made only when travelling. By having staff use corporate expense cards, you can practically do away with expense claims and employee reimbursements altogether. 
Travel expense management transaction filtered by employee card
Transaction filtered by employee card

Travel expense management transactions filtered by date
Transactions filtered by date

  • Integrate your ERP and accounting software easily. We currently support ERP and accounting integrations with NetSuite, SAP, Xero and QuickBooks so you can get a global view of all your purchase data. It’s now much easier to see what you’re spending on taxis, hotels, flights, food, suppliers, vendors and more.
  • Close out monthly and quarterly accounting easier. Filter transactions for attached or unattached receipts in the dashboard and chase up missing receipts immediately. Getting receipts faster means you have the latest and most accurate T&E information across your business to make better financial decisions for your company.
  • Connect your accounts payable and your expense management process with Jeeves Pay (coming soon)!
Travel and expense management - transactions filtered by attached or unattached receipts
Transactions filtered by attached or unattached receipts

Want to manage all your spending and expenses from one multi-currency account? Try Jeeves.

Set up country-specific accounts to save on currency-related fees

You can choose to open one Jeeves account for all your business travel management and business expense reporting. Or you can open multiple accounts in specific currencies if you have several entities in different countries. 

For example, if you’re based in the US but have operations in Mexico, Canada and the UK, you can open four Jeeves accounts: USD, MXN, CAD and EUR.

This way you can save on currency exchange fluctuations and FX fees because you can now issue travel-specific cards to your employees in specific currencies. ‍

Jeeves cashback as seen via travel and expense management app
Jeeves cashback

Access free corporate cards for greater T&E control, flexibility and savings

Jeeves is a corporate card essential for growth and control. 

With Jeeves prepaid cards, you can:

  • Create flexible spending processes. As one of the best corporate cards for employees, you’ll never have unused funds stuck on one card ever again. You can add, move and remove credit as you see fit on every card. 
  • Up employees’ spending limits when needed. Your total Jeeves credit never changes during the month, but how you choose to allocate the money does. Just log in, choose the credit card, and set a spending limit. If your employee doesn’t spend all their travel credit, no worries. You can always lower their credit level and change their spending limit whenever you need to.
  • Block and eliminate cards for greater security. Offboard employees with a click and temporarily block specific cards whenever you suspect fraud or theft. 
  • Save your finance team time. When you do away with topping up prepaid cards and checking debit card purchases to avoid overspending, you can save your finance teams a lot of hassle. With Jeeves, there's one bill paid once a month, then your credit automatically resets.
  • Be free from staff goodwill and creditworthiness. Why restrict your ability to spend on the business by employees’ personal debit or credit card limits? When each employee has their own Jeeves card, you can avoid embarrassing situations with tapped-out personal cards when employees can’t pay for clients’ meals or drinks. 
  • Coming soon: automated expense requests and expense approvals!

With Jeeves credit, you’ll also enjoy further savings because, unlike most payment card providers, Jeeves is a corporate card with no annual fee per card issued or per card user

There are also no APRs, domestic transaction fees or limits on the number of transactions you can make.

Protect your bottom line with money-saving insights

Jeeves enables you to develop data-backed expense and travel policies because you’ll have the transparency of costs you need to optimise your business travel spend.

For example, you can:

  • Detect rogue spending instantly. Spot straight away whether an individual item of spending is within company rules. With Jeeves, you can examine receipts and their associated photos and documentation transaction by transaction in real time.
  • Identify the highest-spending members of staff. When you issue a card for each employee, you can see who the higher-spending employees are on the dashboard (and via Xero and QuickBooks integration). This way you can educate employees to spend better.
  • Set realistic business trip budgets. Download Jeeves transactions in CSV, Excel or PDF so you can analyse and set guideline amounts for entertainment, food, accommodation and other travel costs.
  • Prove to investors you’re in control. Give investors the peace of mind they need on how you’re handling cost control on travel-related and all other spend categories. Run accurate, up-to-date payment reports using the information recorded on Jeeves and synced to Xero and QuickBooks.

Enjoy travel perks and business expense benefits with Jeeves travel management

You can get more out of the Jeeves corporate card than just expense management. When a Jeeves cardholder pays for flights with their Jeeves card, they can enjoy access to over 1,300 airport lounges around the world. All you need is to email to receive your lounge key access or QR code.

Employee loyalty will skyrocket and everyone will enjoy the major benefits of airport lounges, such as:

  • Saving money with free food and drinks. Restaurant and bar bills rack up, especially when delayed flights mean longer wait times for staff stuck at the airport.
  • Increased internet security. All airports have free Wi-Fi, but airport lounges provide separate, more secure connections because of the reduced number of users.  

You can also enjoy travel-related discounts with our Jeeves' partner perks, including:

  • Flok. Get 10% off when you're planning and executing the perfect company retreat or team offsite.
  • Safetywing. Receive up to 50% off global health insurance to cover your employees and contractors worldwide under one plan, regardless of where they live.
  • Freightcom. Get up to 10% off when you need a shipment safely delivered to any country in the world.
Jeeves perks and benefits which are part of travel and expense management accounts
Enjoy up to $100,000 in Jeeves’ partner perks

With Jeeves, you can earn cash back on every transaction. Get up to 1% cashback on all employee’s cards, travelling or notCash back can help you reduce T&E costs across the company (and increase your cash flow).

Want to start saving money and optimising your business travel expenses? Sign up today and try Jeeves.

How 3 tech companies use Jeeves for their T&E management

To help you better understand how to use Jeeves as your T&E solution, here are 3 real-life examples:

A fintech saves on and manages travel costs with Jeeves credit 

One Jeeves client, a UK-based fintech company in the cryptocurrency space, uses Jeeves to monitor and manage T&E costs, save money, and get access to credit.

When they exhibit at and attend overseas conferences, their employees use Jeeves cards to book flights, entertain clients, and meet other expenses, whether overseas or at home.

It doesn't matter if they're in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Adelaide, Anqing or Ahmadabad, our client always pays in their own currency with Jeeves. This means simplified accounting. And, because they make one payment to Jeeves for all their card usage every 30 days, they no longer have to:

  • Preload each employee’s card with money from the company bank account
  • Reimburse 20 different employees who used their personal cards for business.
  • Take up a lot of time to manage card reconciliation.

Now, there's just one statement and one balance that needs to be cleared every month.

And, if they want to find out how much they spent at last week's conference in Amsterdam, the answer is a log-in away on their Jeeves dashboard or a click to open the Jeeves app to access our free global travel & expense management software.

MedStack uses Jeeves corporate cards to track and manage spending

MedMe Health uses Jeeves to help manage their multi-geo operations


Take control of your expense and travel management with Jeeves

Jeeves can make your domestic and overseas corporate travel expense management easier. We take an integral approach to help you bring all your T&E data under one roof so you can save time, make better decisions based on real-time data, and get the best value for money as you grow your business. 

Take charge of your travel expense management and apply to Jeeves today.

Written by: Mark Fairlie